Monday, August 2, 2010

Day #3 Post OP

Day #3..starting to feel a little better...been having gas, pressure and pains in my chest and shoulders. I get this really annoying pain in my chest around my chest bone that comes and go's in waves especially in the morning and after I drink. I wrote a post on lapband talk and there are several people who had surgery same day as me and are having the same problems. Its comforting to know that Im not alone. My mom came and got my son today so I could rest, I still dont feel up to taking care of him alone yet. I am off work until Thursday but I may go ahead and take off the rest of the week or work from home. I have my 1 week follow up with the doctor Friday morning. I am having a hard time getting my liquids and protein in. I am suppose to have at least 30 oz of liquids a day and 60grms of protein but Im lucky if I get in 20 of each. Its really hard to just keep drinking and you have to drink so slow and at room temp . Im starting to get a little hungry today but just dont feel like eating..its weird. Its like even if I could eat I wouldnt because its just uncomfortable I still feel like I got a ball in my chest and stomach but it is getting smaller. I havnt even touched the scale and I dont plan on it until my 1 week checkup. I think for one I dont want to see that I havnt lost anything and think all this pain for nothing but more so I just dont want to focus on that. I want to focus on getting better and healing and learning how I can eat and drink. Its gonna be alot of work, but I think Im gonna do really well. I was a little nervous that if I was going to be able to do this and I know its only a few days out but I think once I put my mind to something I can make it work!

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