Wednesday, August 18, 2010

20lbs down!!

I hit the 20lb marker today! I have been walking alot and got up to over 8,000 steps yesterday and that is making the difference, I need to start doing more cardio and start weights too. Gotta get my butt to the gym soon. Still slow moving weight loss but at least its moving and moving in the right direction. I notice Im the must hungry when I get home from work, that early evening timeframe before dinner, so I end up picking around for 2 hours on crap. I havnt seen a difference in my clothes yet except my pants are just a little looser around my waist but I think I remember in the past it took about 30-40lbs to start noticing a change in my clothes and when people starting seeing it. I refuse to start buying clothes though. I decided not to shop until I hit the 50lb marker unless absolutley necessary. I hate the idea of buying clothes that won't fit me in a few months. Right now I just feel like I have no bloating, like I low carbed dieted. I dont have alot of energy still but its slowly coming back. I notice that I still can't lift anything really heavy. I tried to lift my son into a swing at the park last night and had a hard time, he is 40lbs,my arms felt so weak! Being at work helps me stay disciplined. I keep my water at my side and make sure I drink 32oz by the time I leave for the day, I do get hungry alot through the day but usually I eat a little and it subsides but an hour later Im hungry again. Still some mind hunger too. Iv ended up telling a few people at work about my surgery, mostly because they heard through my team that I was off for surgery and even though they dont flat out ask me what I had done I feel like I have to tell them once they ask me how I am and if everything is ok with me. I am not keeping this a big secret or anything but just dont want everyone and their brother knowing and I think its mainly because of the ignorance people have with the surgery and not knowing how it works and how hard it is, also I dont want people constantly asking me how much weight I lost or watch me and think..."man, she isn't losing weight yet" but it is what it is. If someone asks I will tell them but not posting it all over my cubicle:) All in all Im feeling good, been planning some trips for the next few months just to keep busy and active. I am going to DC to the museums this month, going to the Beach next month and than in October planning a trip to visit my husbands family in GA. My husband and I are talking about taking a trip to Mexico to a family resort with my son as well but we are going to hold off on that a little. I am still a little parnoid that something is going to go wrong with my band so I am keeping our savings reserved for a while just in case. Oh yea! I ordered a jogging Stroller over the weekend, my son and I are super psyched to get it!! going to be so nice to have that to use and walk with. its got a built in ipod player and all kinds of little gadgets...never thought I would get so excited about a stroller...its crazy how I went from a shopping aholic for myself to all about shopping for my son..cant remember the last time I bought clothes for myself...oh yea I bought a bunch of big old pants and shirts before surgery thinking I wouldnt be able to wear button pants for a month..but that doesnt count:)

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  1. Way to go, Girl!! 20lbs!! Terrific!! Keep up the good work!