Friday, August 20, 2010

First Dining out Experience...

So I told you in my previous post that I was taking my team out for lunch today and it would be my first dining out experience since gettting banded. It went very well. I did order a drink (out of habit) and I didnt realize I shouldnt have until they brought it but I took one sip and pushed it away...the girl beside me kept moving it closer to me and saying " you havnt drank anything here let me move it closer to you " She doesnt know I had lapband so I just ignored her. I didnt' order an appetizer but I ordered salmon and grilled shrimp. I got mashed potoatoes and a small side salad ( comes in a little dish). I ate the salad which worried me at first because I heard salad was hard to eat but I chewed it really well and there wasnt that much of it. Than I ate 2 shrimp out of the 4 I got and just chewed really well. I ate about a quarter of my salmon and half of my mashed pototoes. I think I ate total about a cup of food or a littel more and I felt like I could eat more but I quickly asked for a takeout box and had the rest boxed up. I didnt drink anything else. After a few minutes I felt content not stuffed ore even completly full but just content. I got done eating around 1pm and its almost 330 now an Im hungry again. Iv just been drinking alot of water and going to try not to eat the rest of my leftovers but they are calling my name!! I hope that once I get a fill I feel this good but just can only eat less...I feel like I can eat anything and everything agrees with me so far that i have tested out but I just dont want to be able to eat as much. I am still losing, slowly but losing so I must be doing something right during this soft food stage..but I almost feel like I am on regular food now...I am still trying to eat soft food but salad, pot roast and bread seem to go down fine...I still am being careful though. Hopefully things continue on this path!!

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