Saturday, July 31, 2010


My surgery went well yesterday morning, I was in recovery longer than usual do to pain and me not wanting wake up. I could hear everything going on but just was too tired to respond and stay awake. Let me just go over my surgery day story for you all! So woke up at 430am and took my son to my moms so I could be at the hospital at 530am. My husband took me and we checked it and they put me in a room. I put on one of the hospital gowns and and a couple nurses came in to ask me questions and before I knew it I was being wisked off to the pre-surgery room. My husband was allowed to stay with me still until I was ready to go to surgery. The anthesialogist came and saw me than came the heard of nurses to try and find a vein to run an IV, finally they got one in my hand after even trying the inside of my wrist, which hurt like HELL. I was pretty nervous and was on the verge of tears at some points but kept fighting it. I wouldnt let myself really think about it and just turned my robot mode on. Anyway, after they got my IV in they gave me a heperon shot in my leg and put those blood circulating stockings on...there was alot going on at that time, getting my IV in, socks on and the doctor talking to me. Dr. Small just asked if I had any final questions and said he would see me after surgery. Than I happened to look up and saw the anthesioligst sneaking something in my IV. I said what are you doing and he said he was putting in something to make me laugh. So than I kissed my husband and they wheeled me into surgery. I remember seeing all kinds of medical tools and several people walking around than they told me to take few deep breaths and put a mask over me and I was out. Next thing I remember the nurses were calling my name in recovery. I started hving some major pain in my chest and upper stomach so they switched me from Morphine to something else because the morphine didnt seem to be working. I dont remember much after that I just kept coming in and out and than I remember being in my room and my husband talking to me. I think that was around 1130am. I was in a good deal of pain...mostly in my chest and behind my breasts. I just kept getting meds and sleeping. My sister came in to see me but I was so drugged up I slept most of the time and dont remember talking to her. Than my nightmare began, they brought some chick in my rooom who just had buybass and she was in some MAJOR pain...she did not shut up the entire 24 hrs I was there...even all night...she was a nurses nightmare..she kept calling them like every 5 minutes, crying out in pain, crying than she was having boyfriend problems and was calling him half the night crying and upset cause he only came in for an hour to see it made things even worse because I wasnt feeling good myself and to hear that non stop almost sent me over the edge. My pain kept changing, Id feel good for an hour than this bad pain would come again. I did try to walk I walked about 5x while I was in the hospital. I tried to be strong and not let the pain get the best of me but it did hurt, I was kinda bummed because I was hoping it wouldnt be that bad for me. AFter a rough night of being poked and proded and listening to the girl next door I finally had some relief. the pain had moved to my middle stomach out of my chest so I felt like I could breath again. the pain changes, today I still have alot of discomfort and pain in my chest and upper stomach again. I am assuming its gas so I have been taking gas strips, it helps a little but I think the other pain is just from the surgery itself it aches in the inside. I am not hungry, but I feel like I go hunger pains and I can feel my stomach growling. Its hard to get all of your liquids in when you dont feel like drinking and you are still hurting. My husband picked my son up this afternoon and I showed him my incisions and tried to explain what happened and that he cannot touch mommies stomach. My husband took him to Toys r us so that I can rest for a while now. its hard to walk..I feel all compacted and like I cant stand straight but I keep taking short walks around the house. I am hoping I feel better tomorrow. Will keep you posted!

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  1. Wow! What a day you had!

    I hope you feel better soon!
    At the very least, at least you're away from that girl!