Thursday, August 5, 2010


So last night was awful..I drank about 10 sips of water and got the worse freakin cramping!!! Im like that is calling the doctor..something does not feel right. So they got me in this morning. I explained to the doctor about the cramping I was getting after just a few sips of something and the indigestion and the gas pains, ect, ect. he said that I looked good and that even though I wasn't "normal" persay I wasnt abnormal either and that some people have more swelling then others and that I just need to keep sipping and take longer in between sips. He didnt seem too concerned I wasnt getting enough liquids or protein but told me I needed to try to get more in. Ready for the 2 surprises??? #1. I lost 16lbs in a week!! WTF??? I knew I had lost some since I couldnt barly take in water but 16lbs? and that since my very first visit in March I have lost 25lbs! I didnt have to do any pre-op diet or anything but still was nice to know I had lost 25llbs so far this year. I am so glad I lost 16lbs because all the discomfort I was I would have been pissed if I didnt. Second surprise??? well I was talking to the doctor and explaining all my pains he said well let me see if I can draw out anything from your like what do you mean? I thought there was nothing in there? he said that sometimes when they test the band and fill it up before surgery some fluid is left in there but normally its only like .05cc's and doesnt cause any problems but he wanted just to see. I was a little nervous but figured Id do anything to feel better. Lo and behold he drew out 2cc's!!!! they do that much during fills! so added with all the swelling and discomfort I already had a friggin fill! he said it should help me a little. I came right home and havnt ate or drank anything yet but I am still having some cramping. I am anxious to see if today is better for me now that 2cc's are out. I do feel so much better after talking to the doctor and knowing that nothing is wrong with me and that I am just experiencing more discomfort than most people a week out. One thing I wanted to add is that the first thing I have noticed after being banded physically is that my feet and ankles look so much smaller...I started swelling some a few months back and retaining water and I look at my ankles and feet now and not an ounce of extra ankles are back! I know this is all about water but my rings are also bigger and move around on my fingers. So just wanted to share the very first things I noticed. I did take off work the rest of the week and decided to keep focusing on me and healing. I am really starting to get hungry now and glad I only have 1 more week of full liquids.

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  1. Oh wow! That's some huge surprises! Hopefully you'll be feeling better soon!