Sunday, December 26, 2010

*sigh* weight loss in a couple weeks...

Christmas is over:( I have been on vacation for the past week and half..Im off for 2 weeks total...I havnt been to the gym and havnt really done too good with my eating...I can't eat a whole lot so that is a good thing but no exercise and not watching what I eat has caused a stand still for my weight loss...Im not beating myself up but I do think that its 2 weeks wasted and I could of lost a couple more pounds..Im holding at 254lbs still 3lbs away from my 50lb marker I said I would get to that by the first of the year but I only have this week left and unless I workout everyday and eat very little I dont see it happening but I cant get upset because I chose to slack off around the holidays. on christmas in the past, I would load my plate up with food, eat it all and go back for seconds of mashed potatoes and gravy and some other stuff. This year I fixed a smaller plate with just a small serving of each thing I wanted and I was stuffed a little over half way through I still left sweet potatoes and some ham on my plate. I like that..I wanted to eat more mentally but I just couldnt. I will get back into the game very soon...the gym is calling me and Im ready to tackle this again...2 weeks is enough and all that I am allowing myself!! Hope everyone had a great holiday!! See ya in the New Year!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

First bad stuck episode... Iv been complaining that I lost the restriction I got with my 3rd fill...well it sure as hell hasnt loosened up enough because I had my first bad stuck episode yesterday..and at my son's pre-school of all places!! My son had his christmas party yesterday so I went and they had all kinds of food..well so far nothing much has bothered me but sometimes I get a little stuck on bread or something if I dont chew it really well..I made my son and him both a plate and the first thing I went for was a piece of ring bologna and a cracker..well I was somewhat side tracked because I was helping my son get situated and I was starving...cause I always seem to be anymore....and after about 3 bites of that bologna and cracker I felt the sudden "stuck" feeling in my chest ..well it was alot worse than I ever had before..i felt alot of pressure and even when I breathed in my ears felt funny...weird huh? anyway...I sat there thinking it would pass like all my other episodes but after about 10 minutes my mouth started watering and I was so uncomfortable..I asked his teacher if she could watch him for a second while I used the bathroom..I got in the stall and just started bringing it back up automatically...than right after that I was perfectly fine. Im not sure if it was the bologna or the fact I ate it too fast or both but I wont be eating that again!! my chest is still a little sore today...I feel like I am an official bandster was just bragging to one of my friends at work who had the surgery a year ago that I never had a bad stuck episode or PB'd (she does all the time) guess I spoke too soon!! I had to share this with you since it was a pretty big thing for is my birthday by the way and my husband is taking me out of town for the night...I am 36 yrs old today and having a little bit of a hard time about it...its like Im so close to 40 now!! I was ok at 35 but 36?? Im on a downward spiral now...Thanks for listening and hopefully that wont happen again!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dag Nab It!!

Hey all!! where do I I had great restriction after my 3 rd fill a couple weeks ago I lost like 8lbs in a little over a week..I was feeling great and so happy that I was going to have restriction to help me over all the holiday food!!! BUT......after about 2 weeks the restriction just up and I feel like I did right before I got this last fill..I can eat so much more again, the only difference is before the fill I wasn't getting stuck on anything now I do still get stuck even though the restriction left...its not a bad stuck, usually its on bread or when I eat something really quickly or something really dry and it lasts a couple minutes max. when I weighed myself last week I was 254 ...only 3lbs away from losing 50LBS!! which is my first goal! but this week I have eaten so much!! we had holiday dinners 3x this week at work..the whole nine yards..stuffing, mashed potatoes, turkey, gravy..and of course I eat and eat alot...I have been so hungry too..its like all the sudden it just hit me...I started my holiday vacation today...I am off work for 15 days..part of me is happy the other part is thinking I dont trust myself with food even more while home! Part of me tells myself to hell with it..start a new Jan 1st but I dont want to do that 3 weeks I could gain 10lbs back! I cant let that I need to get out of this eating binge and back to realizing I need to follow the band rules. My next fill is Jan 12th so have a few weeks still...I cant believe that the restriction only lasted 2 weeks...that was so disappointing!! I will certainly keep you all posted within the next week or so!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

5lbs from the big 50!!!!

I am only 5lbs away from my first goal..the 50lb marker!! I weighed myself today and I am down to 256!! Plus I have some restriction!! Iv been eating normal foods for 2 days since my fill and feel a difference. Im still really hungry but cant eat as much as I could before this fill. I just hope it stays that way at least for a couple weeks!! One of my issues is that I still order too much food whenI go out and eat and have this issue with either taking it with me or just letting the waiter take it. Like today I went to Uno's and got the endless soup and salad. I should of just got the soup. because I couldnt take it with me I ended up eating the whole salad and the whole bowl of soup but I have to tell you that once I ate half the chili and part of the salad I was full but I kept going cause I didnt want to waste it. Thats why I need so stick with bringing my lunch and eating in but I really need a break from work sometimes and enjoy eating out with my coworkers. Anyway, after I eat just the one small salad and chili I was full and stayed full all afternoon. I just started getting hungry after the gym. If I learn to just get the minimum and change that habit of my eyes are bigger than my stomachI would be ok. So tomorrow Im staying in for lunch and eating what I bring. I also have to eat slower now and take smaller bites. I had some chicken salad last night and I think i ate it too fast and I got my first stuck episode it wasnt a bad one like I read about but I did feel it in my chest and it took a few minutes to go down and not feel uncomfortable anymore. So far so good with this 3rd fill!! hopefully it continues!