Friday, August 27, 2010

Come on Sept. 7th!!!

I cannot wait for my fill!! I am having a hard time sticking with eating the small portion sizes...Im just hungry so much through the day and want to eat but trying to follow the band rules of three 1/2 cup meals a day with 2 protein suppliments is very difficult without good restriction! Im scared to weigh myself this week because I havnt been doing very well...I havnt been doing bad just not as good as I should, especially the past couple days...there still has not been anythign I havnt been able to eat..Iv tried alot of different things even bread and it goes down fine. One really good thing is that I havnt drank anything but water for 3 weeks now! which is just crazy for me...I dont even drink crystal light or tea just water...Iv NEVER done that and I really have done it without much of a problem. I did walk by someone's desk today and they had a big ole ice cold coke sitting on their desk and for a second I thought MAN I could drink that right now but it passed and Im back to drinking my water. I have been making better choices and eating alot of fish but I have those moments where I grab a handful of chips or a cookie (remember period is on its way) and than ticked that I did it..but I get so hungry sometimes and just go grabbing stuff! Anyway..going to hold off weighing myself for another week and see how I do. Not too much to report today but will keep you all posted!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Feeling a little like "Debbie Downer" today

Maybe because its Monday or maybe because my period is due next week but something has me feeling a little blue and negative today. All I want to do is eat..I didnt have the best weekend and picked around alot food wise..ended up finishing my son's Mcdonalds hamburger from this happy meal yesterday and that just made me feel so angry at myself. I just want the restriction that I am supposet to have with this band..this is why they say bandster hell is so hard!! I really want my fill!!! So I was actually glad to come back to work because its easier for me to stick with it while Im at work all day but I woke up feeling tired and hungry and just wanted a big ole breakfast but I settled for 2 eggs and water (puke). I said I would pack my lunch, which I did, but ended up needing to de-stress from work so I went to lunch with my coworker. I am still "technically" on soft foods so I ordered the mashed potatoes and meatloaf..I immediatly asked for a box when i got my food and boxed half of it up, it actually wasnt a very big portion size but I did get full after eating the half meal but within an hour of being back to work I was hungry again. So I ate a couple of these new pretzel crips which are really low in calories and fat with some of my homemade lowfat chicken salad. I ate that and I feel like its all just sitting in my chest area. I guess it was my first time eating something like pretzels or I just ate to damn fast as usual. I havnt gotten stuck yet, pb'd or "slimed" yet and really dont want to. I am just so ready for my fill.. I know I already said that but I really am!! I have 2 more weeks of this struggle I just sure hope I get some restriction with my 1st fill or Im just gonna cry. I am not weighing myself untl my period is over next week because Im already feeling bloated and all I need right now is to see the scale go up and the tears will start. I stopped the birth control pill the month of surgery because of blod clots and just havnt gone back on it yet and that always helped with my pms symptoms so now Im on my own and back to being the B*TCH that I can be...not to mention the cravings & watch out! (please do not hold against me anything I write over the next week) Anyway! If you cant tell struggling a little today...I feel frustrated that I spent 15grand on something that may not work for months. I know I have already lost 21lbs but you never think about the good stuff just the bad...I heard a good analogy the other day in regards to getting the band..."its like buying your new dream car and being told you cant put gas in it for 6 weeks"....that just sums it up for me!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

First Dining out Experience...

So I told you in my previous post that I was taking my team out for lunch today and it would be my first dining out experience since gettting banded. It went very well. I did order a drink (out of habit) and I didnt realize I shouldnt have until they brought it but I took one sip and pushed it away...the girl beside me kept moving it closer to me and saying " you havnt drank anything here let me move it closer to you " She doesnt know I had lapband so I just ignored her. I didnt' order an appetizer but I ordered salmon and grilled shrimp. I got mashed potoatoes and a small side salad ( comes in a little dish). I ate the salad which worried me at first because I heard salad was hard to eat but I chewed it really well and there wasnt that much of it. Than I ate 2 shrimp out of the 4 I got and just chewed really well. I ate about a quarter of my salmon and half of my mashed pototoes. I think I ate total about a cup of food or a littel more and I felt like I could eat more but I quickly asked for a takeout box and had the rest boxed up. I didnt drink anything else. After a few minutes I felt content not stuffed ore even completly full but just content. I got done eating around 1pm and its almost 330 now an Im hungry again. Iv just been drinking alot of water and going to try not to eat the rest of my leftovers but they are calling my name!! I hope that once I get a fill I feel this good but just can only eat less...I feel like I can eat anything and everything agrees with me so far that i have tested out but I just dont want to be able to eat as much. I am still losing, slowly but losing so I must be doing something right during this soft food stage..but I almost feel like I am on regular food now...I am still trying to eat soft food but salad, pot roast and bread seem to go down fine...I still am being careful though. Hopefully things continue on this path!!

Goodbye 90's... Goodbye 80's.. HELLO 70's!!!

On the way UP the scale, I completely missed the 260's and 270's..I guess I just never weighed myself during that time and was scared to see what I actually weighed so when I stepped on and I was 280lbs 2 years ago I couldnt believe it and it just kept going up and up.....Today, which is day 21 post surgery I finally am seeing the 270's! I have lost a total of 21.5lbs and am 279.5. I want to get through the 270's and 260's really quickly..for some reason I find that my toughest spot to be I guess because I missed it on the way up. I just want to see some familiar numbers especially 240 where I was on and off for years. Than I know that I have been there before and lost it before and know what i looked like at that size. I put on a pair of jeans this morning that I fit into last year but havnt been able to wear comfortably without a roll hanging out over them for months and they fit and fit comfortably!! I can sit down and they not cut into my skin or the button pop open...I actually even bent down in them this morning and put on my son's shoes without feeling like I couldnt breath or feeling like it took alot of energy from me. It felt good and I felt good today...I am going out to my first restaurant experience today. I am taking my team to TGI Friday's for lunch...I am going to stop typing now and come back after to let you know how it went....:)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

20lbs down!!

I hit the 20lb marker today! I have been walking alot and got up to over 8,000 steps yesterday and that is making the difference, I need to start doing more cardio and start weights too. Gotta get my butt to the gym soon. Still slow moving weight loss but at least its moving and moving in the right direction. I notice Im the must hungry when I get home from work, that early evening timeframe before dinner, so I end up picking around for 2 hours on crap. I havnt seen a difference in my clothes yet except my pants are just a little looser around my waist but I think I remember in the past it took about 30-40lbs to start noticing a change in my clothes and when people starting seeing it. I refuse to start buying clothes though. I decided not to shop until I hit the 50lb marker unless absolutley necessary. I hate the idea of buying clothes that won't fit me in a few months. Right now I just feel like I have no bloating, like I low carbed dieted. I dont have alot of energy still but its slowly coming back. I notice that I still can't lift anything really heavy. I tried to lift my son into a swing at the park last night and had a hard time, he is 40lbs,my arms felt so weak! Being at work helps me stay disciplined. I keep my water at my side and make sure I drink 32oz by the time I leave for the day, I do get hungry alot through the day but usually I eat a little and it subsides but an hour later Im hungry again. Still some mind hunger too. Iv ended up telling a few people at work about my surgery, mostly because they heard through my team that I was off for surgery and even though they dont flat out ask me what I had done I feel like I have to tell them once they ask me how I am and if everything is ok with me. I am not keeping this a big secret or anything but just dont want everyone and their brother knowing and I think its mainly because of the ignorance people have with the surgery and not knowing how it works and how hard it is, also I dont want people constantly asking me how much weight I lost or watch me and think..."man, she isn't losing weight yet" but it is what it is. If someone asks I will tell them but not posting it all over my cubicle:) All in all Im feeling good, been planning some trips for the next few months just to keep busy and active. I am going to DC to the museums this month, going to the Beach next month and than in October planning a trip to visit my husbands family in GA. My husband and I are talking about taking a trip to Mexico to a family resort with my son as well but we are going to hold off on that a little. I am still a little parnoid that something is going to go wrong with my band so I am keeping our savings reserved for a while just in case. Oh yea! I ordered a jogging Stroller over the weekend, my son and I are super psyched to get it!! going to be so nice to have that to use and walk with. its got a built in ipod player and all kinds of little gadgets...never thought I would get so excited about a stroller...its crazy how I went from a shopping aholic for myself to all about shopping for my son..cant remember the last time I bought clothes for myself...oh yea I bought a bunch of big old pants and shirts before surgery thinking I wouldnt be able to wear button pants for a month..but that doesnt count:)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I REALLY DO have a band!!

I have been saying that I feel like I barly have the band and that I feel like I can eat as much or whatever I want most of the time ...well last night I was freakin starving and we had a busy evening at home so we didnt eat until late...I made broiled Talipia with squash and I made little crabcakes with some leftover crab I had from making crab soup over the weekend..ANYWAY...I had a piece of fish with about a quarter cup of veggies and a crab cake, I ate way to fast pretty much exactly how I used to eat and ate it all...I wasnt paying attention to how full I felt or focusing on eating slow and chewing alot. I wasnt doing this on purpose I was just really hungry and was watching something on TV that drew my attention away from my food, well after I ate even though it wasnt a ton of food I was sooo stuffed...not a stuffed feeling like I used to get after overeating before the band but a pressure underneath my breastbone..almost felt like a golfball was sitting in that area, I felt like CRAP!! I tried to drink some water and it made it worse...I was so mad that I didnt pay attention and follow the rules but in a way I am glad it happened because now I KNOW that I cannot eat like I used to even if Im hungry all the time and that I really do have the band and even though I am in bandster hell I still have to follow the rules. Lesson learned!! it wasnt a horrible pain just more uncomfortable feeling. So today Im taking it extra easy..eating softer foods and smaller portions. I did get 2 walks in yesterday and when I weighed myself this morning (I know I said I was only going to do it once a week but I just cant stay away) I lost a half of a Im up to 19lbs lost total...its a very slow weightloss now but I know that is normal and expected so Im trying not to get upset about it. I just need to focus on doing what i need to do. Only 20 days until my first fill just gotta get through until than.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bandster Hell!!

Iv read about it and saw the million posts on it but I was hoping it wouldn't happen to me....Bandster hell!!.. but it did:( I feel like I dont really even have the band..I feel like I eat anything! I have controlled myself though and to be honest I do find once I eat about a cup of food, good substance food and if I chew it really good and eat slow I feel full and content so I guess I do still have some restriction cause I am pretty sure I could eat much more than that before the band. So Friday I started soft food. I havnt been pureeing like I think I am suppose to I am just eating soft food and chewing really well. Today I woke up and had 1 scrambled egg with 1 diced up piece of turkey sausage and a sprinkle of fat free cheese I ate very slow and chewed well and it went down fine and I was full after eating it, which is good but as the day goes on I get hungrier and hungrier I did get 40 oz of water in today and made myself keep drinking. Most of the rest of the day I just picked around at food I didnt sit down and eat lunch like I should have I had like a bite of grounded chicken salad, a spoonful of my son's mac and cheese and a piece of lunch meat. I put a pot roast in the crockpot this morning with some carrots, celery and potatoes diced up really small and scooped out about a half a cup of that around and ate that..and it went down good kinda heavy though and I really need to stay away from the carbs! the doctor said I can have potatoes and stuff but it always makes me feel so heavy after I eat it. I had a little more pot roast in the evening and than Im done! so I still dont think I ate that much but I need to stop picking around at food even if its healthy and eat my 3 meals. Its also hard now that I am not suppose to drink 30 minutes before a meal and an hour after...its hard to work that and get your liquids in not to mention Im thirsty when I eat. working on breaking that habit. I really want a glass of wine tonight and been craving a nice sweet white wine but Im not suppose to have alcohol for a few months guess because you need to get your nutrients in first. I am a little concerned that I have 3 more weeks until I get a fill! Iv decided I need to treat this like a diet so I went and spent freakin 350 dollars this weekend on food!! so much for the band saving me money! healthy food is expensive!! but I stocked up!! got all kinds of stuff to make some recipes for the soft food stage just lots of healthy food to have in the house so Im not tempted to eat what I shouldnt since I dont really have the restriction. After being so hungry for a week while on liquids I am just happy I can eat some food with substance! I have been walking too...a mile so far, I think it really helps with the weight loss but I havnt lost any weight all week. Im frustrated about that but Im still down 18lbs since surgery. I bought a pedometer this weekend and going to walk alot this week. My plan to get me through bandster hell is eat healthy and try to stick with what Im allowed and the half cup per meal, limit my snacking unless Im starving, drink lots of water, and walk! Iv been on Weight watchers so many times that I know I can do that until I can get a fill and get restriction. im disappointed that I already feel like this after spending so much money but at least I was prepared to know it could happen and how I was going to get through it.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Feeling Good!!

I have been feeling pretty good. Getting used to the hunger feeling. I have been a bad girl and moved myself up to some mushies the past couple of days like mashed potatoes, refried beans and today I had some mashed cauliflower from my work cafeteria. It was pretty good and went down ok..other than that though been sticking with soup and protein shakes. I can start mushies in just 2 more days. I am finding it hard to start walking by the time i get home from work I am soo flippin tired and weak, i make myself walk our dog up to the park and my husband throws the ball to him but that is about as far as I can push myself, its about 2 blocks. I am going to start walking around my work building tomorrow and bringing my sneakers. I gotta get some more walking in!!! The scale hasn't moved all weak and even though I know I am being hard on myself considering I still lost 18lbs in 2 weeks but it is still scary..I am barly eating anything guess it all hits at once than levels out. I just cant wait to get back down to like 240 or 230 again it feels like it could take forever though but I think once I get there I will be ok with losing it more slowly. I am going to measure myself tonight because I forgot to do that before I got surgery. Maybe I am losing some inches:) I do feel like I am on a very strict diet but I guess I really am...I went into my bosses office today and she was muching on some cheese nips and I wanted some so bad, I kept thinking will I ever be able to sit at my desk and just much again? I guess probably not unless its something really healthy and Im really hungry. So things like that kinda scare me a little but than I think again how life changing this really is and how I owe it to myself to commit to this. Oh yea on another note!! I get the hospital bill yesterday and they said I still owe them $926!! That was one of my biggest fears that I would get some extra bill for socks or whatever after I paid all that money already, after freaking out all evening last night and getting myself all worked up they called this morning and said not to worry about it that they would work it out and I dont owe anything. You bet I saved that message!! I need to start posting some pics on here and I I lose weight I need to keep track of the way I look!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

3 more days of Full liquids!!!

Been feeling really good the past couple of days, I have lost a total of 18lbs since my surgery on July 30th. The weight losing is now slowing down but I figured it would considering I am eating more soups and food now. I have been so tired of soup and liquids so yesterday I stopped at Roy rogers and got some mashed potatoes and gravy, added some fat free milk and put it in my magic bullet to make a little more liquidy and they were so good! I am trying to stick with my full liquids though as much as I can and not go off the "list" but its really hard when you are starving. Oddly enough I am getting used to the hunger feeling..which is really weird ...but after almost 2 weeks it just becomes part of your everyday feelings. I have to admit it was really exciting losing so much weight so fast and I wanted it to keep going and its a little disappointing knowing it is slowing down. DAMN MASHED POTATOES!! :) I have tried to walk but need to start walking more. The doctor said I can start walking alot more 2 weeks after surgery and i definitly feel like I can but its so dang hot out here and I am still so tired and weak after work that I cant make myself do anything. So going to try to start walking more and get moving!! Work has been good for me, I dont sit around thinking about food all the time. I have been drinking protein shakes for breakfast, than some soup for lunch and usually some more soup in the afternoon along with my vitamins. I started taking the flintstone chewables in place of my chalky bariatric ones that I ordered online. Just for a while Im switching because those chalky ones make me a little nausueus after i take them. When I get home at night I am trying to eat no later than 730-8pm so I have some more soup and than the rest of the night drink water or crystal light. I get most hungry in the early afternoon than like around 6pm. I tried a Kellogs Protein shake this morning and that is felling like its sticking more to me and I feel more "full". I am trying to teach myself what full feels like. I am not sure if I still have "restriction" now or not. I dont allow my self to eat more than a cup of soup in one sitting. I feel like I could eat ALOT more. I wonder if I keep eating if I would get fuller faster than if I didnt have the band?? I guess I better not test my band. It scares me a little that I still have 5 weeks until my 1st fill but the good thing is that I can have mushies starting Saturday! Only 3 more days of full Liquids!! I have to do mushies for 14 days. I can have fish and pototoes and some other soft stuff. So im excited about that. I have a confession though, last night I was so hungry I took a couple really small pieces of turky lunch meat and chewed it really good and swallowed went down fine and didnt have any problems but I didnt do anymore than that. I just kept circleing my kitchen like a hawk looking for something other than soup. I finally tore myself away and went upstairs. Your mind thinks of crazy things when your really hungry. My big incision finally stopped leaking today, at least for now. My husband is being really supportive and he told me yesterday to write down some ideas of gifts. He wants to get me some things or take me some place for each goal I meet. My first goal is 50lbs, 2nd is 75lbs 3rd is when I get below 200lbs or to goal which is 175-180lbs. I wrote down all kinds of stuff from a day of beauty (nails, hair, etc) to a weekend geteway. I am already almost halfway to my 1st goal I hope I reach that quickly but I hear so many different stories about losing and the fills so I am not sure what to expect but Im still gonna take it day by day!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010


I knew it was coming that creature...the monster I was scared of.....HUNGER! As soon as that doctor took those 2cc's out of me 2 days ago, I knew it would happen. I was hungry a little earlier in the week but didn't feel like I could physically eat so it was bearable, but WOW today the game is truly on!!! I have been starving all day..I never knew what hunger pains felt like before...really true hunger pains. Its a little eye opening and believe it or not I am finding a new respect for food. I was thinking today that part of this process of and steps of drinking/eating must also be there for psychological reasons. I think it mentally prepares you. Prepares you to be able to deal with a little hunger if it creeps up on you in your life and helps you to appreciate food for what it really keep you sustained, healthy and alive not to gorge yourself anytime anywhere you want. Today I could definitely of ate more than I allowed myself. I got in most of my fluids today about 40oz but still struggled with my protein. I woke up and made a strawberry protein drink stomach was growling like crazy. I made my son waffles and wanted a bite so bad. Than on the way out the door to run some errands I warmed up some broth from wonton soup I ordered last night (while my husband chowed on general tso chicken..:( ) and than sipped water while out. While we were out my husband ran through Wendy's to get himself a sandwich and my son something. I decided to get some chili and try to see if I could emulsified it enough to make liquid. I kept reading people doing that online so I figured it might work and make me feel more full. While my husband& son chomped on fries and chicken sandwiches I was about to cry I was so hungry. I put down the window so it would take some of the smell away and wouldnt even look at the food. I wanted something so bad. I was thinking that I have not ate in a full week and all Iv had was water, crystal light, protein shakes and broth. My body wanted food!! I started to get irritable and snapped at my husband the rest of the way home. Once I got home we tried to the chili. added alot of water to it and a scoop of plain protein and grounded it with my magic bullet until it was completely broken down to liquid. I ate it very slow and only had about a half a cup. It went down very well and I had no problems. A few hours later I tried another half a cup and as of now no issues. That did make me feel a little more sustained that regular broth but until I am allowed it I figured I didnt want to make the habit. So the rest of the night I am sipping on crystal light and when I get really starving again have some broth. I am down 17lbs in just one week so I am going to keep trying my best to fight through the hunger and keep on track with the list the dr. gave me. It is really hard, harder than I expected but no matter how much research you do or how much you talk to the doctor you never get the true experience until you live it. I have been taking my multi vitamin that I got from the bariatric store online. I still need to push more protein. We went to my sister and her husbands house tonight and had dinner.. I had my chili and everyone else ate grilled bratwurst and fries...I wanted to eat so bad but as I was sitting there sipping on some water I couldn't help but think that so many activities with family and friends are around food...its like all the time!! I vowed to stay away these gatherings for a couple weeks until at least I could eat mushy foods because being around food right now is way too hard. I really feel this is my toughest time even more tough than all the pain I had last week. so if I can make it through this I really feel like I got this! its very empowering. I think about all the people in the world who are starving everyday and I figure I can at least make it through a few weeks...

Thursday, August 5, 2010


So last night was awful..I drank about 10 sips of water and got the worse freakin cramping!!! Im like that is calling the doctor..something does not feel right. So they got me in this morning. I explained to the doctor about the cramping I was getting after just a few sips of something and the indigestion and the gas pains, ect, ect. he said that I looked good and that even though I wasn't "normal" persay I wasnt abnormal either and that some people have more swelling then others and that I just need to keep sipping and take longer in between sips. He didnt seem too concerned I wasnt getting enough liquids or protein but told me I needed to try to get more in. Ready for the 2 surprises??? #1. I lost 16lbs in a week!! WTF??? I knew I had lost some since I couldnt barly take in water but 16lbs? and that since my very first visit in March I have lost 25lbs! I didnt have to do any pre-op diet or anything but still was nice to know I had lost 25llbs so far this year. I am so glad I lost 16lbs because all the discomfort I was I would have been pissed if I didnt. Second surprise??? well I was talking to the doctor and explaining all my pains he said well let me see if I can draw out anything from your like what do you mean? I thought there was nothing in there? he said that sometimes when they test the band and fill it up before surgery some fluid is left in there but normally its only like .05cc's and doesnt cause any problems but he wanted just to see. I was a little nervous but figured Id do anything to feel better. Lo and behold he drew out 2cc's!!!! they do that much during fills! so added with all the swelling and discomfort I already had a friggin fill! he said it should help me a little. I came right home and havnt ate or drank anything yet but I am still having some cramping. I am anxious to see if today is better for me now that 2cc's are out. I do feel so much better after talking to the doctor and knowing that nothing is wrong with me and that I am just experiencing more discomfort than most people a week out. One thing I wanted to add is that the first thing I have noticed after being banded physically is that my feet and ankles look so much smaller...I started swelling some a few months back and retaining water and I look at my ankles and feet now and not an ounce of extra ankles are back! I know this is all about water but my rings are also bigger and move around on my fingers. So just wanted to share the very first things I noticed. I did take off work the rest of the week and decided to keep focusing on me and healing. I am really starting to get hungry now and glad I only have 1 more week of full liquids.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day 5- feeling better unless I drink or eat :)

I woke up this morning feeling better and I made a protein shake but ended up only taking a sip or two and switched to water. I was scared to eat or drink anything because I didnt want to start the pain. I did try a couple bites of yogurt and within seconds the sharp pain and that uncomfortable feeling started. Its so frustrating that nothing seems to agree with me when I eat or drink. even water bothers me. Im glad I go to the doctors on Friday. Im going to stick it out until then and if Im better great but if not at least i can talk to him about it and try to figure out whats going on. I dont think Im going to go back to work this week, going to take the week off and rest and take care of myself. I am hungry today though, stomach growling and wanting food but obviously cannot eat. I am tired of seeing all of these Popey's and KFC commercials!! I am so angry with myself for not being able to lose and keep my weight off myself so that I didnt have to do this. I hate that I had to resort to this but I still feel this was the answer its hard to keep thinking that when you have been in pain and have not eat for 5 days. I think Im gonna try to walk some more today and see if that helps me. Everyone is like walk, walk, walk but when I do it makes me feel worse so far. Day by day thats what I keep telling myself.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 4 Post Op

Feel rough in the mornings for some reason...alot of movement in my stomach and gas pains..once I get up and get moving its better but I also notice its harder for me to get anything in my stomach in the mornings too. Even if I sip. Im drinking a protein shake now and it doesnt go down me like a tight feeling and gasey feeling. I felt pretty bad yesterday evening as well. got dizzy on and off and was really tired. I thinnk its because Im not getting enough liquids and protein..Im averaging about 25 grams of protein and 25 oz of liquids when they both should be double that. I try but its really hard to get it in. I really think I have alot of swelling that just causes the discomfort after I drink. I did make myself take a "protein shot" last night about 1oz that has 15grms of protein. I did feel better after taking that so I need to just force myself to take it.. it tastes like thick cherry syrup but its not good at all, I have to hold my nose to even do it if I could just take it and drink it all in one shot I would but I have to takes sips and do it slowly which really sucks! I do feel better all over though, Its easier to shower and bath myself, my husband went out and bought a new shower head that is removable and that really helps me. its easier to get up from a sitting position too. So I am healing. One of my bandages on the wound under my left breast came off last night..its very small it almost looks like a big pimple on my stomach. My incisions really dont hurt that much and I am not even sure where my port it! I am very bloated still like I feel pregnant but I thikn most of my pain is gas and the band swelling. Im glad that I have my dr. appt Friday so if this isnt better I can talk to him about it and see if its all still normal. Im off work still today and tomorrow. I still have my family watching my son through the day which really is helping with my healing. Its alot to take care of a 2yr old after surgery. I give props to all the single moms who had to do this on their own and didnt have the help and support. I just really want to feel "normal" again and the all the gas & pain to go away. Hopefully I will feel that way in a few days. At least now Im getting used to the feelings & pains and can breath and work my way through them pretty easy.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Day #3 Post OP

Day #3..starting to feel a little better...been having gas, pressure and pains in my chest and shoulders. I get this really annoying pain in my chest around my chest bone that comes and go's in waves especially in the morning and after I drink. I wrote a post on lapband talk and there are several people who had surgery same day as me and are having the same problems. Its comforting to know that Im not alone. My mom came and got my son today so I could rest, I still dont feel up to taking care of him alone yet. I am off work until Thursday but I may go ahead and take off the rest of the week or work from home. I have my 1 week follow up with the doctor Friday morning. I am having a hard time getting my liquids and protein in. I am suppose to have at least 30 oz of liquids a day and 60grms of protein but Im lucky if I get in 20 of each. Its really hard to just keep drinking and you have to drink so slow and at room temp . Im starting to get a little hungry today but just dont feel like eating..its weird. Its like even if I could eat I wouldnt because its just uncomfortable I still feel like I got a ball in my chest and stomach but it is getting smaller. I havnt even touched the scale and I dont plan on it until my 1 week checkup. I think for one I dont want to see that I havnt lost anything and think all this pain for nothing but more so I just dont want to focus on that. I want to focus on getting better and healing and learning how I can eat and drink. Its gonna be alot of work, but I think Im gonna do really well. I was a little nervous that if I was going to be able to do this and I know its only a few days out but I think once I put my mind to something I can make it work!