Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I REALLY DO have a band!!

I have been saying that I feel like I barly have the band and that I feel like I can eat as much or whatever I want most of the time ...well last night I was freakin starving and we had a busy evening at home so we didnt eat until late...I made broiled Talipia with squash and I made little crabcakes with some leftover crab I had from making crab soup over the weekend..ANYWAY...I had a piece of fish with about a quarter cup of veggies and a crab cake, I ate way to fast pretty much exactly how I used to eat and ate it all...I wasnt paying attention to how full I felt or focusing on eating slow and chewing alot. I wasnt doing this on purpose I was just really hungry and was watching something on TV that drew my attention away from my food, well after I ate even though it wasnt a ton of food I was sooo stuffed...not a stuffed feeling like I used to get after overeating before the band but a pressure underneath my breastbone..almost felt like a golfball was sitting in that area, I felt like CRAP!! I tried to drink some water and it made it worse...I was so mad that I didnt pay attention and follow the rules but in a way I am glad it happened because now I KNOW that I cannot eat like I used to even if Im hungry all the time and that I really do have the band and even though I am in bandster hell I still have to follow the rules. Lesson learned!! it wasnt a horrible pain just more uncomfortable feeling. So today Im taking it extra easy..eating softer foods and smaller portions. I did get 2 walks in yesterday and when I weighed myself this morning (I know I said I was only going to do it once a week but I just cant stay away) I lost a half of a pound..lol...so Im up to 19lbs lost total...its a very slow weightloss now but I know that is normal and expected so Im trying not to get upset about it. I just need to focus on doing what i need to do. Only 20 days until my first fill just gotta get through until than.

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