Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 4 Post Op

Feel rough in the mornings for some reason...alot of movement in my stomach and gas pains..once I get up and get moving its better but I also notice its harder for me to get anything in my stomach in the mornings too. Even if I sip. Im drinking a protein shake now and it doesnt go down easy..gives me like a tight feeling and gasey feeling. I felt pretty bad yesterday evening as well. got dizzy on and off and was really tired. I thinnk its because Im not getting enough liquids and protein..Im averaging about 25 grams of protein and 25 oz of liquids when they both should be double that. I try but its really hard to get it in. I really think I have alot of swelling that just causes the discomfort after I drink. I did make myself take a "protein shot" last night about 1oz that has 15grms of protein. I did feel better after taking that so I need to just force myself to take it.. it tastes like thick cherry syrup but its not good at all, I have to hold my nose to even do it if I could just take it and drink it all in one shot I would but I have to takes sips and do it slowly which really sucks! I do feel better all over though, Its easier to shower and bath myself, my husband went out and bought a new shower head that is removable and that really helps me. its easier to get up from a sitting position too. So I am healing. One of my bandages on the wound under my left breast came off last night..its very small it almost looks like a big pimple on my stomach. My incisions really dont hurt that much and I am not even sure where my port it! I am very bloated still like I feel pregnant but I thikn most of my pain is gas and the band swelling. Im glad that I have my dr. appt Friday so if this isnt better I can talk to him about it and see if its all still normal. Im off work still today and tomorrow. I still have my family watching my son through the day which really is helping with my healing. Its alot to take care of a 2yr old after surgery. I give props to all the single moms who had to do this on their own and didnt have the help and support. I just really want to feel "normal" again and the all the gas & pain to go away. Hopefully I will feel that way in a few days. At least now Im getting used to the feelings & pains and can breath and work my way through them pretty easy.


  1. Thank you for sharing your story with me - a newbie!! I hope you're feeling better...


  2. I'm glad you have some help. And, I hope you feel better soon!