Wednesday, August 11, 2010

3 more days of Full liquids!!!

Been feeling really good the past couple of days, I have lost a total of 18lbs since my surgery on July 30th. The weight losing is now slowing down but I figured it would considering I am eating more soups and food now. I have been so tired of soup and liquids so yesterday I stopped at Roy rogers and got some mashed potatoes and gravy, added some fat free milk and put it in my magic bullet to make a little more liquidy and they were so good! I am trying to stick with my full liquids though as much as I can and not go off the "list" but its really hard when you are starving. Oddly enough I am getting used to the hunger feeling..which is really weird ...but after almost 2 weeks it just becomes part of your everyday feelings. I have to admit it was really exciting losing so much weight so fast and I wanted it to keep going and its a little disappointing knowing it is slowing down. DAMN MASHED POTATOES!! :) I have tried to walk but need to start walking more. The doctor said I can start walking alot more 2 weeks after surgery and i definitly feel like I can but its so dang hot out here and I am still so tired and weak after work that I cant make myself do anything. So going to try to start walking more and get moving!! Work has been good for me, I dont sit around thinking about food all the time. I have been drinking protein shakes for breakfast, than some soup for lunch and usually some more soup in the afternoon along with my vitamins. I started taking the flintstone chewables in place of my chalky bariatric ones that I ordered online. Just for a while Im switching because those chalky ones make me a little nausueus after i take them. When I get home at night I am trying to eat no later than 730-8pm so I have some more soup and than the rest of the night drink water or crystal light. I get most hungry in the early afternoon than like around 6pm. I tried a Kellogs Protein shake this morning and that is felling like its sticking more to me and I feel more "full". I am trying to teach myself what full feels like. I am not sure if I still have "restriction" now or not. I dont allow my self to eat more than a cup of soup in one sitting. I feel like I could eat ALOT more. I wonder if I keep eating if I would get fuller faster than if I didnt have the band?? I guess I better not test my band. It scares me a little that I still have 5 weeks until my 1st fill but the good thing is that I can have mushies starting Saturday! Only 3 more days of full Liquids!! I have to do mushies for 14 days. I can have fish and pototoes and some other soft stuff. So im excited about that. I have a confession though, last night I was so hungry I took a couple really small pieces of turky lunch meat and chewed it really good and swallowed went down fine and didnt have any problems but I didnt do anymore than that. I just kept circleing my kitchen like a hawk looking for something other than soup. I finally tore myself away and went upstairs. Your mind thinks of crazy things when your really hungry. My big incision finally stopped leaking today, at least for now. My husband is being really supportive and he told me yesterday to write down some ideas of gifts. He wants to get me some things or take me some place for each goal I meet. My first goal is 50lbs, 2nd is 75lbs 3rd is when I get below 200lbs or to goal which is 175-180lbs. I wrote down all kinds of stuff from a day of beauty (nails, hair, etc) to a weekend geteway. I am already almost halfway to my 1st goal I hope I reach that quickly but I hear so many different stories about losing and the fills so I am not sure what to expect but Im still gonna take it day by day!!


  1. You're very wise to take it day by day! And you're doing GREAT - just hang in there!! I love reading your blog. You tell it like it is and you are such an inspiration! Thank you!!

  2. Thanks Mrs. C...I hope I can help some people by posting as much true stuff as I can that I experience.