Friday, August 20, 2010

Goodbye 90's... Goodbye 80's.. HELLO 70's!!!

On the way UP the scale, I completely missed the 260's and 270's..I guess I just never weighed myself during that time and was scared to see what I actually weighed so when I stepped on and I was 280lbs 2 years ago I couldnt believe it and it just kept going up and up.....Today, which is day 21 post surgery I finally am seeing the 270's! I have lost a total of 21.5lbs and am 279.5. I want to get through the 270's and 260's really quickly..for some reason I find that my toughest spot to be I guess because I missed it on the way up. I just want to see some familiar numbers especially 240 where I was on and off for years. Than I know that I have been there before and lost it before and know what i looked like at that size. I put on a pair of jeans this morning that I fit into last year but havnt been able to wear comfortably without a roll hanging out over them for months and they fit and fit comfortably!! I can sit down and they not cut into my skin or the button pop open...I actually even bent down in them this morning and put on my son's shoes without feeling like I couldnt breath or feeling like it took alot of energy from me. It felt good and I felt good today...I am going out to my first restaurant experience today. I am taking my team to TGI Friday's for lunch...I am going to stop typing now and come back after to let you know how it went....:)

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