Friday, August 27, 2010

Come on Sept. 7th!!!

I cannot wait for my fill!! I am having a hard time sticking with eating the small portion sizes...Im just hungry so much through the day and want to eat but trying to follow the band rules of three 1/2 cup meals a day with 2 protein suppliments is very difficult without good restriction! Im scared to weigh myself this week because I havnt been doing very well...I havnt been doing bad just not as good as I should, especially the past couple days...there still has not been anythign I havnt been able to eat..Iv tried alot of different things even bread and it goes down fine. One really good thing is that I havnt drank anything but water for 3 weeks now! which is just crazy for me...I dont even drink crystal light or tea just water...Iv NEVER done that and I really have done it without much of a problem. I did walk by someone's desk today and they had a big ole ice cold coke sitting on their desk and for a second I thought MAN I could drink that right now but it passed and Im back to drinking my water. I have been making better choices and eating alot of fish but I have those moments where I grab a handful of chips or a cookie (remember period is on its way) and than ticked that I did it..but I get so hungry sometimes and just go grabbing stuff! Anyway..going to hold off weighing myself for another week and see how I do. Not too much to report today but will keep you all posted!


  1. Only 10 more days!! You can do it!! Great job on the Coca-Cola thing!!

  2. Thanks Mrs. C! I so want a coke still:)