Thursday, March 31, 2011

HELLO 230'S!!!

Oh how I missed you...its been forever since Iv seen you:) Well I hit the 230's:) Happy April to me! 238.5 to be exact. Since my fill on March 1st, Iv lost 7.5 lbs. Thats almost 8 pounds in a month which is more than where I wanted to be, thats the most Iv lost in a month since the first couple of months after surgery. I had my most recent goal of 235 set for Memorial weekend so I may have to change that up a little:) Things have been going pretty well since I last wrote. obviously the weight is coming off a little quicker this month, I credit that to my continuing to work out, picking up the new RPM class and the fact that my fill has me pretty much at my sweet spot. I cannot eat much at all at a more than about a cup of food. sometimes a little more depending on what it is. Meat is definitly harder for me, pills are hard for me too now as you all know from my last post. breads still are very tough and I usually just stay away from them, but I did have a couple cupcakes last week that I had leftover from my sister's baby shower. they actually didn't go down too bad but I took it very slow, they were so damn good!!! but I had some carrots I feel like I can finally visualize being at a low number on the scale least to if I get lower than that I will be SUPER EXCITED because like Iv told you all a hundred times I have not seen below that in at least 10 years, maybe more. I have lost a total of 64.5 lbs since surgery on July 30th. that is such a big number when i stop and think about it but 70 sounds so much better:) the weird thing is, I see people on shows or online who have lost 60lbs and they look soooo much smaller than they did before I mean more than i do, i know there is a big difference in me but you would think after losing so much weight I would look so much more thin...I havnt measured myself this month yet so I will do that this weekend I just wonder if when I was 240 years ago if I look smaller now since iv been working out and doing weights..I wasnt doing that when I weighed 240 before. I wish I had old measurments to compare to. I wanted to let you all know that I hit the next decade...Iv been through 6 decades in 8 months..woot woot!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011


60lbs down!!!

Holy Crap! I did it! I hit the 60lb marker this week! I weighed in at 240.5! for a total weight loss of 62lbs!!! Im so excited ..cant ya tell?? hit the gym pretty hard the past couple of weeks and like I told you in my previous post I started a spin class at the gym and I really think with that along with feeling like Im at my sweet spot made it happen. Since my fill a couple weeks ago Iv lost almost really came off quick. I just keep lookin forward now and cant wait to be in the 230's! I am literally gonna crap my pants when I see that scale in the teens! Its been years since Iv been down to that...2004 to be exact. Before I got married and before I had a kid! This was really a great ending to my crappy week..I lost my wedding band last weekend:( I hardly ever wear that or my engagment ring anymore since they are both too big but I wore my wedding band one day to get a spray tan and left the ring in the room..I never even realized it was gone until a few days letter and remembered that I had left it there.. I immediatly called the tanning salon and it was no where to be found. I feel pretty sure someone took it and didnt turn it in but I still searched and searched for it..even crawling around the floor the room I was in. I was so bummed!!! I am a big sentimental person and that ring meant alot to me as all you married people know. I cried for 2 days thinking about it...but I accepted the fact that It probably would never get it back but was thankful I still had my engagment ring. My husband surprised me yesterday though and had gotten me another one and even a better one:) AND to top it off my ring size went down 2 whole sizes when I got measured to get the ring sized! Bitter sweet:) Lets see what other NSV's did I have? Well my husband bought a motorcyle in the fall and I swore I wouldn't ride it till I loset 50lbs..I didnt want to feel like this huge blob on the back..well we rode yesterday all day and it felt great...I could get on and off without any problems..even lifting my leg the whole way over the back seat rest..I had bought a new, cute jacket and helmet with little rhinestones stars all over will post some pics:) Anyway..Im feeling pretty good......Only negative so far is that I did have a PB episode today. Im not sure what happened but I think it was a prescription motrin I took..I have a hard time with horse pills now...I took it and it seem to go down ok but than I drank some protein shake and I was immediatly stuck...pretty bad too...I felt like I couldnt even catch my breath..I was driving on the highway and had to pull off and and bring it up...immediate relief but I hate when that happens!! My mom was with me too and the first time she really saw me like that or see how the band can affect she thought it was just awful that it can cause me to be sick..I explained to her its only the 3rd time its happened to me but she was like that cannot be good for you and how can you deal with that..blah blah..she was just concerned but I tried to explain things to her and how it all works....Im sure my whole family will know by Monday and my sisters will be calling me thinking that I am doing things I shouldnt be doing. Hopefully the weight loss keeps coming!!! I will keep you posted!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

So glad I got Lapband!

Hey all! Time flies! I realized its been a several days since I posted....Well since my last fill Iv been doing good.. I started back on solid foods on day 2 after my fill and I am still having more stuck episodes than I ever have and it does get pretty annoying at times cause I just want to eat sometimes without worrying about eating so slow and with such small bites. Now most breads, french fries and some meat are almost impossible for me to eat. Actually alot of things get stuck now more easy...I havnt had any sick episodes since this fill but I have been trying to be careful not to over do it. I do know most of the time its self induced with this fill I REALLY have to eat very slow and small bites and that is pretty hard to do ALL the time...especially when your starving. I do still sometims lean toward foods that go down without a problem and usually they are bad for you foods but like I said, now I could get stuck on pretty much anything but soup right now if I am not being carful. I picked up RPM (spinning) class at the gym and LOVE IT! I never thought Id say that about exercise! but I really do...I work out so hard in that class and its pretty intense...I sweat a ton but always feel good after taking it. The gym has become my outlet and my hobby. I had a tough couple weeks where I was feeling sorry for myself and tired of going and working out but that passed and I just am so happy that I started and stuck with the gym for almost 7months now! And I am so happy that I got lapband, overall its worked really well for me and I would have NEVER lost almost 60lbs without it. Its been so much more work than I ever expected but I have no regrets, even if Im paying that 15 grand off for the next 4 years:) I just hope that I can lose another 60!! Of course im never satisifed with how my body looks but I can see major difference, especially in my legs. I am up to taking body pump, which is a weight class 2x a week and cardio class be it spin or body combat 2x a week. Some weeks I go a day more and some weeks a day less but If I do at least 4x a week the weight continues to come off. As soon as I let off the working out and eat junk I move up a pound or 2. Saturday is my wiegh in and I am at 243.5 for a total weight loss of 59.5 lbs:) the 230's are right around the corner and I am only a pound away from losing 60lbs!! That really is exciting for me when I stop and think about it. I can honestly say that I feel really proud of myself and that I have accomplished this. This is the first time I really have felt that since getting surgery. My husband has been so supportive and not complaining (like he did at first) that I am spending more time at the gym..he did bring home some donuts last week AND I came home to fried chicken another I forgave him cause I can't expect him an my son to never eat things I can't right??

I am also getting so many compliments at work too...I actually had a guy stop me in the hall and say..are you losing weight?? I said yes I am and he said "you look skinny" Me skinny?? of course I couldnt just say thank you and leave it so I said skinny? i dont think so but thanks for noticing. LOL...Im certaintly not skinny but the fact he stopped me to say that especially a guy, and we know how guys dont normally notice change like that.. those compliments keep me motivated and make me so happy I made it to this point and down over 50lbs and not back just starting...Its easier to keep going when you see, feel and hear the results every day! I am in my happy place right now and I hope it continues..Im trying to keep myself surrounded by people who care about me and my journey and support me no matter what...:) I will keep you posted especially when I hit the 60lb marker and am in the 230's!!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Another CC!

I had my fill appointment today. The doctor put in another cc to bring me up to 9cc 's total. Its been a little over 6 weeks since my last fill on Jan. 11th. I lost 5.5lbs since Jan 11th and now Im at a total of 56lbs and today was my 7 month bandiversary!! I was actually surprised I managed to pull off 5lbs considering Iv been frustrated with my weight loss in the past month. Iv been really hitting the gym this week though. Started spin & RPM class at the gym. Im being told that will really LEAN me out and I think my body needed "shocked" a little and I needed to change up my normal gym routine. Im actually pretty happy with my appointment today. Iv been on liquids only today so not sure how this fill will feel but I do feel a little different in my chest just drinking ...I hope that is just from the swelling from the fill and not a warning that this might be too much. Iv felt really motivated this week I think because Im starting to realize that summer is right around the corner and I really want to hit that 100lb marker for my 1 year anniversary..not sure if that is realistic considering its only 5 months away but I think I can at least get in another 30lbs if I work hard. I cannot believe I am 4 lbs away from losing 60lbs!! CRAZY!!! and I cant believe Its been 7 months since I had this surgery! time truly does fly! My body is coming together ok, still a little nervous about my stomach area...still have some hanging on my bottom stomach but I am really just hoping that it all comes together as I lose weight and tone up..but dont have a good feeling about it..I may see a tummy tuck in my inner thighs still could use some work but Iv lost so much in my legs, hips and butt is pretty much gone...much to my husbands disappointment:( but I still have that damn meaty stomach!! all and all I feel pretty know how it is, it never is enough you always want more..more weight loss, better figure, flatter stomach...Im not sure if I even lost 100lbs if I will be happy with the way I look...really is sad when you think about it*sigh* I do get alot of compliments and people really notice my weight loss now. Im just gonna keep at this and continue to take it day by day:)