Thursday, September 2, 2010

1 Month Band Anniversary

So its been just over a month since I had surgery...These are some things Iv noticed in just a month...and after losing 24lbs so far. First are my feet!! they look so much smaller and I dont have the swelling anymore..used to come home from work and my feet would look and feel like balloons. I have some shorts that I couldnt fit into before surgery that were even snug last summer but now button and feel comfortable, people have started noticing...Iv gotten a couple people at work come up to me saying I look like Iv lost weight, my mom and sister said they could see, my BFF noticed as well and these aren't people that see me every day like my husband who just looks at me when I ask if I look like Iv lost weight...after a 5 second pause..he says, "yea yea I can see it in your face" What else? I feel better about myself..I think I would feel better if I went shopping and got some new clothes but Im fighting that because I get my fill on Tuesday and I am hoping that helps me drop some more weight fast so I dont want to spend money on clothes that wont will be too big in another month or 2. I do feel like I look better, if that makes sense..when I look in the mirror at my face Im feeling more pretty and I dont know if that is because maybe my face is less "chunky" or I just feel better. When I look in the mirror I dont see that I have lost weight and Iv noticed I look a little flabby..I never thought Id be the flabby type but after a baby I guess and the fact that Im 35 and havnt worked out in years its creeping up on me and kinda depresses me. I always thought Id be the overweight girl with a banging body after losing the weight cause I used to be so toned, even though I was a big girl but now I dont think that is in the cards for me. I see body shapers and lots of working out in my future..speaking of working out I am going to start going to the gym...dont ask me when but I got the steps:) but I am still walking and trying to do my best with that. Im not gonna lie Im putting off the exercise thing but I know I will get into it soon. I am so excited about my fill on Tuesday! I cannot wait..I just hope I can control myself with the eating small bites and chewing, I have been practicing but its hard now when I dont really have restriction or any problems eating anything. I have been getting this funky pain on the left side of my rib cage around my feels like that running cramp you used to get in school after gym class and running the "white lightening"...might be gas but Im not sure. I took some gas x last night cause I made the mistake of trying to drink out of a straw for the 1st time...didnt go over too well. I immediatly got some major gas in my stomach and had it till this morning. Bummer straws are out.

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  1. Congratulations on your 1 month Bandiversary!! And I am so thrilled to read that you're beginning to see and feel differences in your body! 4 more days!! Keep it up, Girl!!