Thursday, September 30, 2010

Get it right Peeps!!

OMG... had to go off on my doctor's office today!! So you all know how I have been struggling in bandster hell, right? well I called last week and explained how frustrated I am with no restriction and they moved my appointment up from Oct. 20th to Oct 5th, no questions asked..I was so happy! so today I call back just to confirm the time of my appt, later today I get a call from a girl there saying that she made a mistake and that I cannot make my second fill appt until 90 days after my surgery (Nov. 2nd) due to a billing policy they have. I am selfpay and no billing to me or my insurance is done. I got a little upset and explained how confused I was considering this was never mentioned to me before, the girl apologized and said she was new and didnt know of the "rule". She kept putting me on hold and asking someone else questions, I finally got frustrated and hung up. She made my appt for november 2nd and I didnt know how I was going to get through another 4 weeks like this!! after fuming for a few minutes I called back a girl that I used to work with there before my surgery and asked if she could please help me out..she also explained to me that it was a billing policy but I just kept challenging it because they kept saying it was because of insurance but I kept telling them that doesnt apply to me!! so I finally talked her into calling the billing office to "confirm"...well lo and behold she called me back and left a message saying that 90 day rule does not apply to me as selfpay BUT they have an office rule made by the doctors that I cannot have a fill any sooner than 6 weeks after the previous one so now I still have to wait until the week of Oct. 18th...UGH!! man they ticked me off today..Im so tired of calling there and getting different answers and feeling like I have to tell THEM what to do! so now I am back to being frustrated with this band and having to wait another 3 weeks for a fill!! Oh yea and she mentioned to me that the first fill wont make a difference and its usually the 2nd one where I will start seeing a different...REALLY?? they never told me that before and the doctor never mentioned it, in fact he said in the office after I complained about how hungry I was "well we will fix that right now" as he proceeded to put in 2cc's. WHATEVER. ok so im done last I spoke I was yet again frustrated ( my word of the month)...and I was about to leave for vacation...vacation went well however I did eat and eat more than I should have, but I did walk alot. when I weighed myself when I got back I was up to 274 so I gained about 2 lbs..I was ok with that considering I ate a good bit of food while there. I did join the gym and started taking body pump classes, which I really like. Iv taken 2 so far and am gonna keep going...I figure I might as well try my best if I have to wait another 3 weeks for possible restriction!! Man, I tell you this is alot harder than I expected!!

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  1. Ohh Nicole, how terrible.. I do understand Dr's office frustration though.. It just wants to make you pull your hair out - and theirs, too!! I am glad your vacation went well and congrats on joining the gym!! Keep doin what your doin, Girlfriend! You'll get there!! It just seems like they're putting construction cones on your road right now - but you'll get there!!