Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Finally, today is FILL DAY!!! I am so ready...I did not do good the past 2 days, all the cookouts and gathering for the holidays did me in. I did not mentally prepare myself for those. These were my first cookouts since my band. I ate too much at my sister's house on Sunday afternoon, I felt so crappy for 2 hours after I ate, nothing got stuck but just ate too much felt soooo tight under my breastbone. I didn't thnk about the "picking" I did with appetizers prior to eating. Than last night I had some people over and I didn't eat that much but just picked around at food all day! Today, I am very frustrated at myself because I could of been down another couple pounds but I think I probably actually gained a pound or 2 this weekend. I am sure the doctor's scale will weigh me more today anway plus I will have my work clothes on which will add to it as well. I will have to strip down when I weigh in !!!..lol. Anyway, its time for a fill, I need some help restricting what I eat. I still can't eat as much as I could without the band but Im getting up there more than I could at first. I need to get prepared for this fill too..I need to make sure Im taking small bites and chewing and watching what I eat, I might not be able to eat anything like I can now. This process is all so much mental, more than I thought. Its crazy!! I did do a little shopping this weekend, I am bout a size down now..from 22 to a 20, probably after another 10lbs I should be able to get into an 18 though. I bought just one pair of paints and a couple tops. I wanted to buy more but I figured I probably will start losing now more with my fill and dont want the money to go to waste and not be able to fit into them in another month. I feel like the weight loss is so slow now and that I am just dieting and I hate that...so really I am so glad Im getting the fill, I keep hearing how it may not help you the first time but it HAS to!! I cant imagine it won't at least a little. I did walk yesterday, got up in the morning around 7am and me and my son took a nice long 2 mile walk, it was very nice and peaceful. He enjoyed it. I got my 8500 steps in yesterday too. I am just ready to lose more weight. People are still noticing my weight loss to far. I also measured myself, first time in a month, and I lost a total of 4 inches, which was less than I expected but still lost. I measure my stomach, chest, neck, thighs, calve and upper arms. I think I only lost a 1/2 inch in my stomach, which I thought for sure it was more. I believe I can only have liquids after my fill today for 24hours and even though Im not looking forward to it I think its good cause maybe I will lose a pound:) I was told by a friend not to eat much before my fill either. My fill isnt until 3pm, so Im munching on some chicken salad and crackers right now and than going to be done for the day and just push water and than maybe some soup tonight. Wish me luck!! I will post later tonight or tomorrow to let you know how it goes!!

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  1. Today's the DAY!! I can't wait to hear how it went!!