Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Reminding myself why I did this.....

1. To be able to paint my toes and breathe simultaneously.
2. To be able to play with my kids on the floor or sit in a comfy chair and not struggle to get back up
3.To bend down and put on or try on shoes without struggling
4. To be able to fly and not worry if the seat belt will buckle around my stomach
5. To not feel like Im bigger than my husbands Prius and feel like when Im sitting in it!!
6. To be able to run up a set of stairs and not think twice
7. To walk into the gym and feel like I look good and got this down!
8. Get back in my 2 piece bathing suit again..ok, might not look FABULOUS but as long as I can somewhat get away with it:)
9. Be the size I was when I met my husband (220lbs size 16)
10. To run or even walk in my first 5k
11. To shop in "normal" size stores...Goodbye Lane Bryant...Hello Forever 21!!
12. To be under 200 lbs!! FINALLY!
13. To be smaller than my husband.
14. Not to have to worry about being the "Fat Mom" when my son starts school
15. To not think about food 24/7.
16. To not worry about going somewhere and wondering what the seating will be like (parties, the movies, shows, etc)
17. To not sweat all the time.
18. To not have swollen ankles at the end of most days.
19. To inspire others!!
20. Have my family proud of me! They know my struggle!
21. To finally win this war I've fought for so long.
22. To wear shorts and feel good in them!
23. To wear clothes without an X in the size.
24. To wear clothes without a W in the size.
25. To wear clothes with a size that doesn't start with a 2.
26. To not be embarrassed to see old friends again.
27. To never skip another social event because I'm embarrassed about how much weight I've gained.
28. To like looking at pictures of myself again.
29. To not hide from the camera as much as possible.
30. To not "untag" pics of myself on Facebook because I'm embarrassed by how bad I look
31. To get pregnant and have another child and carry that child at a healthy weight (not 300lbs again)
32. To keep myself healthy, since I don't have any comorbidities and certainly don't want any!
33. To turn heads when I walk in a room
34. To lose inches and inches!
35. To pick healthy foods and feel full on them instead of opting for unhealthy things just because I crave that full feeling.
36. To know how it feels to eat breakfast and not think about food again for a few hours.
37. To set a good example for my kids.
38. To dance at my son's wedding.
30. To contribute to this amazing online community of bandsters.
40. To help someone along the bandster journey when they are struggling, because I really like helping others.
41. To be able to cross my legs.
42. To be able to sit indian-style on the floor.
43. To not have to worry about the weight limit on any activity
44. To overcome the emotional part of my eating.
45. To rewire my brain about food and eating and just LIVE!!

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  1. What a great list!! It's always a good idea to have our "little reminders" for those days when we need a little boost!! Good for YOU!