Sunday, September 12, 2010

.5 lbs away from a 30lb loss!!

My son has been sick for a couple days so I have been focused on taking care of them since Friday morning...I barly eat all day yesterday because he was so demanding all day and he wanted me in bed with him and I spent a few hours in Urgent Care as well. The good news is that I guess not eating works...who would of thunk?? I got on the scale this morning and was 271.5!! Almost lost a total of 30lbs. I cannot wait to get out of the 270's and move onto tackling the 260's. I take it 10lbs at a time and once I hit 230 I will feel like I can breath again and relax...Like I said before, I never saw the scale on the way from 240-280 its like it happened overnight and I didnt step on a scale for a while during that timeframe so getting past all those crappy numbers back to where I knew Iv been before and knew how I looked. I feel it will be more maneagable at that weight, now with starting off at 300 I felt the goal was sooooo far away and I still do think it will take a while but at least the scale is moving down for now. And as long as its doing that I cannot complain. Now tomorrow I might wake up and be back to 274 but today Im taking what I can get and hurried up and updated my diet ticker before the scale changed again! Today I am still taking care of my son but heading to the grocery store first so I can get some good food in this house to eat before I start grabbing fast food!! cause I will! Still not feeling restriction from the first fill, I was hoping I might have a delayed reaction but so far nothing. I have a little restriction in general still can't eat the way I used to preband but damn those cravings and old habits still are there...its not like I didn't know that would be but just didn't realize how hard it was going to be to have to do it continuously everyday for probably the rest of my life. Baby steps, right???


  1. I agree - baby steps. :) I remember starting in the 280's and thinking that I would not see the 220's at all and now here I am and hoping to see the two-teens. It will happen and the great thing is that the bandster community is SO supportive!

    Great job on the 30 lbs!!!! That is an AWESOME accomplishment. Pretty soon, you'll be saying 50 lbs. Trust me.

  2. Thanks Gidget!! I sure hope so:)

  3. Oh yea...congrats on your weight loss as well..just followed your blog!!