Sunday, September 12, 2010

Oh Shizzle its Football Season...Are You Ready?

Iv always loved football season, every man I dated including my now husband were football fanatics..I guess what man isnt? but I realized I liked the food that comes with football season much better (not better than my husband just better than football)...wings, draft beer, nachos, onion rings...all that glorious finger food!! Today I had some of my family over to watch the games and we ordered to go, Buffalo Wild Wings...wings, chips and cheese, onion rings, potato wedges and a salad. Yes a salad....I had all intentions of eating that salad ...but that salad is still sitting there, staring at me, saying " why didnt you eat me, why did you have to have those 6 wings,2 onion rings and those chips and cheese???" I can't even answer that, less than 10 hours ago I was typing on my blog about how happy I was I almost hit 30lbs lost, WTH?? you would of thought that I would of been drivin to keep doing well today...well I did for a few hours...drank my water, took a walk, eat a light breakfast and I was actually telling my husband that today I started to feel like I was getting some restriction...but this afternoon it all went to hell in a hand basket! Ok, I didnt do THAT bad..not like I ate till I puked or anything but still. In the past six and half weeks since my surgery I never once thought about football season or how much I would miss drinking that draft beer and eating those wings every Sunday. Its just yet another hurdle to get over in this holiday's, birthdays, or just social situations in general...Iv stayed clear of these for the past month but I realize Im going to have to get mentally prepared to deal with these or Im gonna sabotage my success....I felt like I needed to put this out there, talk about it so I felt better about the decision I made today.


  1. I have read this samething on other blogs today, who watches football without pizza, beer & junk food , one blogger created a "gym Sunday" planning to watch the games at the gym, but that means we lose the socializing, we need to figure out how to handle this!

  2. Good idea..I have a girlfriend who teaches a class at the gym on sunday mornings at 9am..thinking about doing that. It is hard, I may have to forgo the every Sunday socializing for a while:)