Sunday, October 3, 2010

Body Pump!!

I told you all I joined the gym..well I took my 3rd body pump class today...I am really liking it...Im not getting sore much anymore but that class kicks your butt!!! I work with the girl who teaches it and she has turned into pretty much my personal trainer! She comes in my office all the time at work and talks about what I eat that day (she knows I have the band), if Im coming to the gym that night and even freakin lectures me if I eat something i shouldnt first it kinda got on my nerves..I dont like to answer to anyone about my food or exercise..but than I started realizing it is helping me out and she really cares about how Im doing and wants to see me succeed. She is pretty hard core and in your face type of person but I think right now I need that...she pushes me in the body pump class too..tells me not to stop when she sees me slacking or getting too tired..she tells me to put more weight on my bar and just cheers me on..after class she will put on my Facebook page how good I did and come in at work and ask how Im feeling too. So Im gonna stick with the class and than with walking that Im doing. Than pick up more cardio soon. I still havnt lost anymore weight and Im holding between 271 - 273lbs. Im still pretty bummed about the slow weight loss. My 2nd fill is on Oct.19th and Im praying for more restriction!! I did eat chinese food tonight and I noticed it went down "heavy" I had to stop a few ttimes and let the food settle..I dont think I was chewing like i am suppose I said before I feel like because Im so "normal" like I dont have the band that Im getting away from the band rules that I should still be following. its hard to chew chew chew and eat small bites when you dont really need to. *sigh*

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