Tuesday, October 19, 2010

2nd Fill Done!!

Went to my dr. appt this morning and he filled me with 2 more CC's for a total of 6cc's! I finally found out what band I had...to my surprise I have the 11cc Lapband not the Realize band like I had thought!! The whole way through my pre-op the office advertised the Realize band and I just assumed I got that but the doctor told me today that after using that for a while that they went back to just the lapband right before my surgery. They said they had more success with lapband and the fills went easier and better...huh, learn somethign new everyday. I was a little bummed because I had read so much on Realize and comparing and it did seem better than lapband but oh well its in now, right?? Anywho, the fill went good, he had to poke for a minute but found it alot faster than last time. I drank the water and went down fine. He insisted I should feel restriction now but I guess we will see. I sure hope I do. I am only liquids and mushies for 2 days than back to regular food. I need to start using the band rules again and get back into the game again! I asked him if by chance I dont feel restriction if I could come back in sooner than 6 weeks...he said he would probably do 4 weeks for me BUT he said he doesnt think that will happen and that he wouldnt be surprised if I came back in to get some out!! I was getting excited..lol!! I just want restriction so bad and to start losing weight faster. Oh yea speaking of weight! I lost 7lbs in 6weeks, they said that was great but I think I should be losing more. I have lost a total of 34lbs since surgery, so in about 2.5 months. Im really hungry right now but trying to stick with only mushies like I am suppose to. I did it for 2 weeks so think I can do it for 2 days. I did notice when I am drinking my water that even though I sip I sometimes get the feeling like I gulped it...could that be the restriction Im waiting for?? I dont know:) The fill cost me $200 today...which put a dent in my savings again!! selfpay sucks!! but hopefully it will be worth it. Now I just have to make the BIG decision of the day...creamy tomato or Cream of broccoli? :) Will keep you posted!


  1. So thrilled you got your fill! And 34lbs is an inredible accomplishment!!! Keep us posted!!

    PS My vote would have been cream of broccoli!

  2. Nicole,
    It's amazing that I found you and your story. Mine sooooo similar to yours. I feel the same about so many things. I haven't even had the surgery yet (my surgery date s/b set 11/10 - with my luck I will have surgery right before Christmas & be all liquid for Thanksgiving...lol)

    Thanks for sharing & for your honesty. You have eased some of my fears, but when I go back to the beginning of your blog, I get scared...lol I hope I don't have someone writhing in pain all night in my room and I sure hope I don't get crazy gas.

    Keep moving girl - you inspire many people!!

    Carol - Chicago

  3. Thanks guys! @Carol...congrats on your surgery date!!! that makes it easier getting through the holidays:) Im so glad I can help someone...that is why I post