Friday, October 8, 2010


10 more days until my 2nd fill!! The countdown is on! oh I am really praying this fill will give me at least some restriction!! I lay awake at night thinking about what Im gonna say to the doctor and hopeing he doesnt try some crazy crap like giving me .5 cc fill! I actually saw my doctor yesterday at the Gas Station..he didn't see me ( he was on the other side) and I almost went up to him to talk to him about this bandster hell Im going through and tell him that he needs to loosen up this 6 week rule in between fills..but I chickened out but today I wish I would of went up to him! I am still going to the gym, however, I didnt get there last night because I have been sick with a bad cold all week that infected my entire family! but I am going to make it up this weekend. good news is I finally lost another after...lets see...almost 4 weeks flunctuating between 271 & 274 I finally got to 270..and let me tell you its only a pound but man was I frustrated these last 4 weeks! People keep telling me since Im working out and doing weights I might gain muscle but lose inches..and they MIGHT be right because today I put on a pair of old navy LOW RISE..YES low rise jeans in Junior size 20 (not plus 20, cause you all know there is a difference) and they are baggy on me! I havn't worn these jeans in a couple years! and when I stand up I DONT have a muffin top! now sitting down is another story:) so I must of lost some inches. I will have my husband take a picture in my jeans tonight and I will post for you! I am also going to measure myself tomorrow morning and see if I did indeed lose inches since the scale isnt moving. when I think about only a 1lb loss in a month I am get pretty discouraged. I am not perfect with my eating but Im doing as best as I can. I am still struggling with the fact that this band isnt working as fast as I expected but I guess Im just goin to have to be patient..I dont really have much of a choice....the good thing it did bring me was getting re focused on working out and eating better...not worth 15 grand but I am hoping in a few months I will posting about how much weight I am losing!! I would love to see 215 again and you will have to pick me off the floor if I hit below 200, I havnt been there since my freshman year in highschool! Some days I am really happy and some days Im not..I guess its all part of the journey..I sometims read these scary stories of people who never get restriction, even with 8 -10 fills and their band is filled to capacity and than hearing the stories of people not losing much weight at all in a year...and it freaks me out! I just wish I could fast forward to this time next year and see where I am at. I am determined no matter what to make this work for me...I need to be more realistic and I need to see how far Iv come already here is what I have accomplished in 2.5 months...

  • Lost 30lbs-302lbs to 270.5
  • Lost inches ( # to come tomorrow)
  • Joined the gym and began exercising at least 3-4x a week
  • I have more energy and not as freakin tired as I have been before surgery and I notice I can go on less sleep now..weird
  • Lost a full pant size and very close to two (size 20 now)
  • Feel better about myself!! Happier!! most days I feel pretty damn good
  • No soda in exactly 2 months, 2 weeks, 4 hours and 17 seconds:) I dont miss it as much as I thought I would...CRAZY
  • No bloating feeling anymore...feel like I could suck my stomach in...havnt felt that in a while
  • signed up for my first 5k run/walk ( Nov. 6th)

Not too shabby in 2.5 months, huh??


  1. The working out will cause your weight to stall in terms of loss on a scale but your clothes will fit better. I promise. I had the same problem. It takes a while for it to "adjust". :)

  2. Hey!! Congrats to YOU on your baggy jeans!! Yes, the scale will catch up - the important thing is that you're moving, and feeling good - being happy and healthy!! That's what's important.. YOU! Keep up the GREAT work!!

  3. Congratulations - isn't that baggy feeling awesome!? Well, it sucks when ALL of your clothes are baggy, but I went out and bought some new clothes yesterday and I feel GLORIOUS/normal again! I can't believe your doc goes 6 whole weeks between fills - ugh, that's horrible! I'm lucky to be with a company that sees me every 2 weeks! I, too, spent a lot of my first, few months frustrated...but, lemme tell ya? It's at least better than being too tight! I know that one from experience, too.

    And? You're doing phenomenal with the working out - I wish I could say the same! You're my exercise hero ;)

  4. Thanks guys!! Im trying to hold off shopping for as long as I can! but I might need to get a couple thing soon. I hate the 6 week wait period too!! I cannot believe that crap especially during your first few months..but your right, Joia, I dont want to be over filled either.