Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Boy was I a spaze or what?

I had to laugh a little whenI read my blog this morning from yesterday...Was I a spaze or what?? was very desperate yesterday...still am a little today but boy did I lay it all on you guys!! Sorry about that:) but had a pretty tough emotional day. My husband even read it last night and was like WTF?? will not tell you if I had one of those donuts this morning. ( I guess I just answered that question).

On a good note..2 summers ago I cleaned out all my bins of clothes and sold a ton of them at my yardsale. I had about 3 bins of jeans anywhere from a size 14-18. They went like hotcakes!! I held onto those jeans for 10 yrs thinking one day I would get back into them. Well 2 yrs ago I gave up and got rid of them, now I wish I would of kept them. I remmber it being hard to sell them but at that time I though id never get back into size 14 again. I did manage to keep a few of my favorite pairs. A couple size 18's I had folded up and shoved underneath my bed. This morning I dragged them out and for shits & giggles I tried them on. All 4 of them fit! and buttoned with ease! I did weigh myself this morning and luckily my little binge yesterday didnt cause me to gain any weight but once again I can tell the weight loss is very slow. The little restriction that I thought I was getting seems to be disapearing:( Now I am back to the ole "hopefully my next fill will do something" I have 5 weeks to go until than and that is gonna seem like an eternity to me!! 265 is my weight first big goal I set for me is 250 ....50lbs down from my starting weight. I got 15lbs to get there...I am hoping I can do that by the 1st of the year!

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