Sunday, October 10, 2010

Measurements & Jean pic!

Oh Good God! I got even more sick this weekend! This is totally putting a wrench in my workout schedule! I got the flu shot Friday evening at WalFart. I have never had the flu shot before, however, I figured that with my luck I would end up getting an awful bug this year, puking up my guts and hurt my band and realize I just wasted 15grand! I am such a positive thinker:) So yesterday afternoon I started getting pains in my stomach and feeling really nauseaus and dizzy..I didnt puke but I was pretty sick for about 4 hours, WTF? Damn flu shot I thought but today I feel better but woke up with that dizzy feeling again. All I ate yesterday was some toast and crackers. Missed church and my body pump class this morning! I havnt been to the gym since last Tuesday and much to my surprise, Im freakin out about it! Ok,I am avoiding the measurment stats...I had my husband measure me yesterday morning and since the scale hasnt moved much I figured maybe I lost some inches...NEGATIVE...i lost a couple but not much. I lost 1.5inches from my waist in a month and a half inch from my bicep. I measure my chest, waist, hips, bicep,neck, thigh and calve. No loss in a month except for my stomach. my first measurment as done on 8/12 about 2 weeks after surgery. So far since than my totals are -2.5 from my waist, -1inch from my hips and -.5 from my biceps. its weird but everything else has stayed the same? BUMMER! HOWEVER!!! I did get on the scale this morning and am down to 266.5 lbs!! I guess not eating yesterday pushed me down under the 270's? either way Im friggin taking it and logged it with lightening speed on my diet ticker!.,.LOL. Not sure if I will be back up to 270 tomorrow but I dont care right now...down 35lbs in 2.5 months!! So, I told you I would post a pic of me in my size 20 JUNIOR old navy jeans that I havnt been able to wear in a couple years. I put them on friday and they were actually baggy! this is not the most flattering pics and I hate to see myself still in pictures but we are all friends right??..:)


  1. Keep up the great work. You look awesome, and you're right, those jeans are loose!

  2. Check YOU out!!! You're looking GREAT!! And congrats on the waist measurement!! That's really awesome - an inch is an inch that was there before, but isn't any longer! I am sorry you aren't feeling well - get better soon!!

  3. I think you look GAWGEOUS! Keep going girl, you'll get there :)