Thursday, October 21, 2010

Going Strong....

well just completed day 3 after my 2nd fill. I THINK im feeling a little more restriction. I guess I am just expecting to get stuck or get full after just a few bites..I am starting to think that the way I feel IS the right way..being able to eat anything, chewing up good and slowing down my eating without any issues but I just think where is the discomfort some people talk about? the pbing? the sliming?? I really dont want that but I guess I read so much about it I expected it. Maybe that comes after more fills? Im not taking teeny tiny bites but nothing stuck so far.So here is what Iv eaten since last night when I started regular foods after my fill.... Last night I had a half of a chicken breast and a small spinach salad, about cup and half..felt full....had 2 hardboiled eggs and 3oz of turkey sausage this morning ..felt content and stayed satisfied for a couple hours. I eat lunch around 2pm the other half of chicken breast and spinach salad....a little over half way through I felt full...wasnt hungry when I left work and normally Im starving by the time I get home and pick on all kinds of food but tonight I went to the gym after work and did about 30 minutes of cardio..still wasnt hungry..I ate a Atkins protein bar when I got home just to keep me from eating chips or cookies...than I ate 5 scallops and about a half a cup of brown rice for dinner around 930 ( im a late eater) and I feel content. Never feel stuffed...stuffed is a feeling I used to get after a chinese buffet or lunch at the Golden Corral buffet...the band gives me a different fullness ....not much bloating ...I like it much better! So I think that I am slowly getting to where I need to be with each fill I am thinking my next fill should do the trick. I REALLY need to measure my food. I have downsized my plate size and portion size..I now use the salad plate in our plate set for dinners at home but I dont measure. I read that measuring is a key to this so I need to make myself do it. Iv been looking at myself in the mirror and even though Im not close to where I want to be I do see a difference after losing 35lbs. I am concerned about my stomach though...the bottom hanging part of my all know what Im talking about..i always prided in my thick skin that always seemed to bounce back after so many years of gaining and losing weight but this time I dont think Im gonna avoid it..I think the toll of having my son a couple years ago and than gaining 50lbs after over the next 2 years did it in!! .I noticed its more saggy and even though Im doing what I was told to keep from getting hanging skin like exercise,lots of water..Im really scared this is going to look nasty! I definitly dont have the money for a tummy tuck and I dont want to do it either. everything else seems to be hanging in pun lost alot in my butt! husband is a butt man so that isnt helping me couldnt he be a stomach man?? I would have it made!!! I also am so friggin pale!! my skin is so pasty white..I was tan all summer and I am sorry but fat looks so much better always said I cant be pasty and fat!! but now that Im 35 I am trying to take care of my skin too cause it would suck if I finally lost my weight than got skin cancer!! alright peeps Im done for the day...gettin off my high horse:) I will keep you posted!!

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  1. Way to go on your fill!! I am so thrilled that it is working for you!

    And, don't worry about being so pale - you're looking good now - and that is all that matters!!

    Keep up the good work!!