Tuesday, November 30, 2010

4month bandiversary!! 3rd fill today!

Had my fill this morning..it went well. Had no problem finding my port. He put in 1cc. I have a total of 7 cc's now in my 11cc band. I told him that I was still hungry alot and could eat pretty good size portions but I guess he didn't want to over due it. He reminded me this is a process and its normal to take several fills to get to where I need to be. I told him about my hair loss and he reccomended Biotin and to make sure im taking my vitamins. I have to admit I havnt been taking vitamins because I thought Im getting enough food. I eat mushies today just some mashed potatoes but I was so hungry by this afternoon I ate a couple really small pieces of tuna. I went to the gym and worked out for 90 minutes. When I got home my husband had already cooked dinner for my son and him..chicken legs, and some pasta mixed with broccoli. I was so hungry so I picked off some meat from one of the legs and took really tiny bites and chewed it up than I ate a couple spoons of pasta with broccoli again taking little bites and chewing. everything went down ok. even though Im still hungry I stopped at that. I dont want to overdue it. he said I can eat regular foods tomorrow just to follow the band rules. I really hope I have better restriction. You would think if I had a little before and got another cc in that I would have some more but Iv learned not to get my hopes up:) Oh almost forgot the most important part!! I weighed in at 260 even..which was so much better than I thought I would be a few days ago after Thanksgiving vacation. They said I was down 8lbs from the last fill but I could of sworn when I weighed in 6 weeks ago I was 266 but I didn't fight what they said..lol. Im down a total of 42lbs so far. Today is my 4 month bandiversary too!!! They scheduled my next fill for Jan 11th. I really hope Im down at least 10 more lbs!!


  1. Happy Bandiversary!! GREAT job on the 42 pounds - that's absolutely incredible!! you'll get down that last 10 pounds, I know you will!