Thursday, December 2, 2010

5lbs from the big 50!!!!

I am only 5lbs away from my first goal..the 50lb marker!! I weighed myself today and I am down to 256!! Plus I have some restriction!! Iv been eating normal foods for 2 days since my fill and feel a difference. Im still really hungry but cant eat as much as I could before this fill. I just hope it stays that way at least for a couple weeks!! One of my issues is that I still order too much food whenI go out and eat and have this issue with either taking it with me or just letting the waiter take it. Like today I went to Uno's and got the endless soup and salad. I should of just got the soup. because I couldnt take it with me I ended up eating the whole salad and the whole bowl of soup but I have to tell you that once I ate half the chili and part of the salad I was full but I kept going cause I didnt want to waste it. Thats why I need so stick with bringing my lunch and eating in but I really need a break from work sometimes and enjoy eating out with my coworkers. Anyway, after I eat just the one small salad and chili I was full and stayed full all afternoon. I just started getting hungry after the gym. If I learn to just get the minimum and change that habit of my eyes are bigger than my stomachI would be ok. So tomorrow Im staying in for lunch and eating what I bring. I also have to eat slower now and take smaller bites. I had some chicken salad last night and I think i ate it too fast and I got my first stuck episode it wasnt a bad one like I read about but I did feel it in my chest and it took a few minutes to go down and not feel uncomfortable anymore. So far so good with this 3rd fill!! hopefully it continues!


  1. Yeeahhhh!! So GREAT go good with that third fill!! Way to go - five pounds will be gone in NO time!!

  2. I have started ordering off of the kids menu or asking for a to go container as soon as my food comes. I am really bad about continuing to eat just because it tastes good and so I know upfront that I have to remove it from sight.