Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cake, Cake.....Cake ......

Oh boy, my son's 3rd bday was yesterday and we got him a huge Thomas the train cake and we have a ton of leftovers. I gave everyone some before they left the party but I still came home with about 15 slices....that cake is like CRACK!! I have been picking at it all friggin day!! It seems that its a constant roller coaster for me on this journey...through the week I normally do great, hit the gym 2-3 times watch what I eat and I did really good this week, well than comes the weekends and it takes so much more will power!! Only one event or party can throw me off the wagon. I need to learn how to deal with these events but can't seem to get it together yet. Unfortunatly I have very little will power if something is right in front of me, I didnt get to the gym yesterday because of the party and I didnt get there today because my husband got called into work and I had no one to watch my son. Not to mention, I got another friggin cold and feel like crap whole family has got it including my son. I am off all this week and we are heading out of town for the holidays. I have my fill on the 30th and I am so scared Im gonna gain a bunch of weight this week before my fill. I am down about 6lbs from my last fill so I guess that is ok..but I could gain that all back in a week. I really need to set my mind to stay on track. Our hotel has a gym and an indoor pool so I keep telling myself I need to work out while Im there, especially if I dont control my eating. eating on the road is tough enough in itself!! oh yea and to add some salt to the wound my time of the month is coming too so the cake didn't have a chance this week. My husband is going to take the rest of the cake tomorrow to work. I told him not to come back with so much as a piece of frosting! I know I am not alone out there but it really feels like I am. Some days I am really happy that I got the band and other days I get disappointed with it and feel like I was expecting so much more. It definitly is only a tool and not easy in any way shape or form. I could see how people would easily fail at this. Especially if you are not one of the lucky people who get restriction early on. I will never regret getting it but like I said its like a roller coaster week your up high on cloud 9 and the next your thinking this friggin sucks!! lol....but I am down 42lbs and feel so much better on most days so I can't complain too much. Most of what I complain about are things that I brought on myself and can control myself, I just choose not to do it or just made a bad decision in the moment. I really feel like this is probably going to be the hardest part of this band and that in a few months when the flu season is over, I have had a couple more fills and Im still pumping away at the gym that I will be in such a better place:) it just will take some more time for me! Until than I am still doing day my day and trying not to be too hard on myself when I have a bad day.......Keep you all posted!! I will post a couple status pics!


  1. Best part of this post was the end where you mentioned that you wouldn't be too hard on yourself when you have a bad day...cake and all, you're still better than you were a year ago! Keep your chin up - we ALL have good and bad days, and yet? The weight still comes off, overall!

  2. Thanks Joia! you are so right:)