Thursday, November 4, 2010

Checking In:)

Hey everyone! Just wanted to check in....I had a pretty good week...lost 2lbs this week. I am down to 263.5. I have been working my butt off at the gym (except for tonight) and been being careful with my eating this week..packing my lunch and eating healthy and smaller portions..I find if I am ANAL with all this I lose but its so hard to keep this up all the time every week. I do feel better about face is getting smaller and I took some pics of myself this morning. Can you see? lol...I need to take more full body shots but I am just not thrilled about that yet:). I am feeling a little under the weather,sore throat for a week and been feeling blah this morning..heading to the doctor in the morning just to make sure I dont have strep throat. I am bummed I missed the gym tonight but didn't want to over do it if Im getting sick. I have been debating calling my doctor to see if I can get in a couple weeks earlier for my fill. Some days I feel like I have some restriction and other days I dont. Its really inconsistent and drives me crazy!! I still havnt been doing good with measuring like I should but trying. Iv been so hungry in the evenings and eating most of my food at dinner. I usually have a meat for breakfast than a salad and meat for lunch than dinner. I still have been taking my phentermines here and there and they do help curve my appetite and get me through the day but I really don't want to take them, I want the band to work like it is suppose to!! I know its working some but not to its capacity! I hate playing this waiting game but hopefully it will go fast and I will have good restriction soon. Iv lost a few more inches too. I measured myself last weekend. I bought a pair of jeans at JC Pennys a few weeks ago and wore them for the 2nd time today and they were falling off me!! I want to shop but if I dont want to spend money just to not have the clothes fit in a few weeks! Next goal is to hit the 250's! Im taking it 10 lbs at a time .....but it seems to take months to get through each goal...I really want to be in the 230's! 5 more lbs and I have passed the most weight I have ever lost!! That really is an accomplishment for me...hoping it happens sooner than I think!!


  1. Your face looks beautiful - you can tell how hard you're working! I hope you feel better soon..

    I'm sending you some virtual chicken soup!

  2. You are gorgeous! Great job on the loss. Feel better soon.