Saturday, July 24, 2010

1 week till Surgery!

Everyday I feel or see something that reminds me of why I am having this surgery I guess you could say several "A HA!" or "Wakeup" moments. Today I was at outback steakhouse with my son and husband and we had a gift card so I figured we might as well use it cause I wont be able to use it in a while, anyway, after sqeezing into the booth, which I never had a problem with until the past year, I just could not stop sweating!! I know its been 100 degrees out lately but no one else appeared to be sweating...than like I usually do I dropped food on my white shirt. I was thinking that the reason I keep dropping food is not because I am simply a messy eater but for one I eat too fast and done take the time take small portions on my fork and rush it in my mouth and two Im sqeeezed into a booth and cannot lean forward enough because of my stomach stops me...This was yet another Wakeup moment.. I never had to worry about fitting into a booth in the past so by the time I get the words out "we would prefer a booth, please", I stop and think maybe a table would be better. I dont like being as honest as I am right now about this and to be perfectly honest I erased it but than thought If I can reach out to anyone that is overweight and that goes through this, I want them to know that there are others that feel and think the same. I than typed it again. Its crazy but I have several of these types of moments everyday and make a mental note as well as track in my journel so if I have a bad day or moment with the lapband I can go back to this post and remember why I got this surgery in the first place.

So today I completed my blood work post surgery and made my grocery list for the first 2 weeks. Lots of low fat cream soups, sugar fee pudding and jello and juice and broth..gonna stock up on as much as I can. I feel better than I did yesterday after my freak out moment and cannot believe that this time next week I will be banded!!!


  1. You're almost there! You can do this!

    I look forward to reading your journey. I am just now starting mine!

  2. Just started reading your blog from one of your posts on LapBandTalk... still in the research mode myself and one of the reasons is the same as you mentioned above... Until this last year, my weight didn't really stop me from doing things... now I can't fit in the booth comfortably, had to get my first seatbelt extender on the airplane and couldn't do the zipline in Cancun because I was over the weight limit. Thank you for being honest in your posts!