Friday, July 23, 2010

My Freak out !!

Today, I went to the tanning bed and talked to a girl who had lapband 2 weeks ago. I had talked to her before the procedure and was hoping to run into her. Well I kinda wish I hadn't. She had really bad surgery experience..from not being able to breath when she came out of anesthisia to spending 6 hrs in recovery to vomiting when she walked and having to get pain medicine every 30 minutes!! She said it was the absolute worse pain ever and she was out of work for 2 weeks with bad pain for the first 10 days. she said she could barley walk the first week from such bad gas pain. So of course I start wigging out!! now Im scared im going to have a bad experience like that and it really scares me. I will only be off for 5 days than I go back to work. I posted my concerns and the story on lapband talk and I several responses back and all but one had a good experience with limited pain. Out of the 3 people I know that have had it recently 2 went great with no issues or bad pain. Im not expecting it to be gravy but I just hope I can at least function ok after the 1st day. My husband says I need to keep positive and keep thinking and telling myself Im going to be fine and be a good experience but I just cant shake the visual of me being in hell. I just want to get this over with. Only 1 week to got. I go to the clinic in the morning for the blood work to test for pregnancy and that will be it until surgery day. The hospital called me today and my surger is scheduled for 730am on Friday. I have to be at the hospital at 530am UGH!!! but im glad its going to be over early and gives me even more recovery time.

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