Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Just 1 more day!!

I havn't been too nervous over the past couple of days just so ready to get this done, but this afternoon I am a little nervous. I got the call from the Hospital this morning to ask all the questions for Anthesia. I can't remember if I told you this or not but I am self pay. I borrowed against my 401k. My husband and I have United Healthcare and his plan does not cover the surgery. They did cover all my pre-op visits and so far the blood work and doctor visit but they won't cover surgery. I did work with the WL clinic insurance person and we wasted 2 mnths trying to get it covered but still got a "No" answer. I now am thinking I should have pushed further on this but I figured it was a lost cause. I am keeping all of my reciepts and surgery information and submitting to the insurance company just in case and I learned that I can claim it on my taxes, at least some of it so I will recoup a little back at the end of the year. So, anyway today I get a call from the Weight Loss clinic stating they are using an "assistant surgeon" on the day of the surgery and it will be $500 more bucks!! Now, in their defense she did mention that to me when I went in 6 months ago :) that they may use one but they never said anything else about it till the call 1 day before surgery I have to cough up another $500 so that ticked me off and I hate to write another check out. Might try to use the ole "bill me" line but not sure if that will fly. all I have left to do is get a pedicure (yes Im anal about my feet) I get this vision of the nurse pulling down the blanket and my toes looking a wreck (anyone seen the movie "Boomarang"? LMAO) anyway I also need to go by the Weight loss clinc (avoiding the billing department) and pick up some protein shakes. A girl I know that had the surgery gave me one to try that she bought there and it was pretty good, tasted like chocolate milk with a little chalk to it. Other than that and packing for my overnight hospital stay I will be ready to go! My mother is going to watch my 2yr old overnight for me so my husband can stay in the hospital with me. I will try to keep posting as much as I can after surgery!!! I am sure I will have one last post tomorrow before surgery!!

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