Sunday, December 26, 2010

*sigh* weight loss in a couple weeks...

Christmas is over:( I have been on vacation for the past week and half..Im off for 2 weeks total...I havnt been to the gym and havnt really done too good with my eating...I can't eat a whole lot so that is a good thing but no exercise and not watching what I eat has caused a stand still for my weight loss...Im not beating myself up but I do think that its 2 weeks wasted and I could of lost a couple more pounds..Im holding at 254lbs still 3lbs away from my 50lb marker I said I would get to that by the first of the year but I only have this week left and unless I workout everyday and eat very little I dont see it happening but I cant get upset because I chose to slack off around the holidays. on christmas in the past, I would load my plate up with food, eat it all and go back for seconds of mashed potatoes and gravy and some other stuff. This year I fixed a smaller plate with just a small serving of each thing I wanted and I was stuffed a little over half way through I still left sweet potatoes and some ham on my plate. I like that..I wanted to eat more mentally but I just couldnt. I will get back into the game very soon...the gym is calling me and Im ready to tackle this again...2 weeks is enough and all that I am allowing myself!! Hope everyone had a great holiday!! See ya in the New Year!!

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  1. Nothing to beat yourself up over, you'll get there!! We all tend to ease up during the holidays!

    I hope YOU had a terrific holiday AND vacation!!