Friday, December 17, 2010

First bad stuck episode... Iv been complaining that I lost the restriction I got with my 3rd fill...well it sure as hell hasnt loosened up enough because I had my first bad stuck episode yesterday..and at my son's pre-school of all places!! My son had his christmas party yesterday so I went and they had all kinds of food..well so far nothing much has bothered me but sometimes I get a little stuck on bread or something if I dont chew it really well..I made my son and him both a plate and the first thing I went for was a piece of ring bologna and a cracker..well I was somewhat side tracked because I was helping my son get situated and I was starving...cause I always seem to be anymore....and after about 3 bites of that bologna and cracker I felt the sudden "stuck" feeling in my chest ..well it was alot worse than I ever had before..i felt alot of pressure and even when I breathed in my ears felt funny...weird huh? anyway...I sat there thinking it would pass like all my other episodes but after about 10 minutes my mouth started watering and I was so uncomfortable..I asked his teacher if she could watch him for a second while I used the bathroom..I got in the stall and just started bringing it back up automatically...than right after that I was perfectly fine. Im not sure if it was the bologna or the fact I ate it too fast or both but I wont be eating that again!! my chest is still a little sore today...I feel like I am an official bandster was just bragging to one of my friends at work who had the surgery a year ago that I never had a bad stuck episode or PB'd (she does all the time) guess I spoke too soon!! I had to share this with you since it was a pretty big thing for is my birthday by the way and my husband is taking me out of town for the night...I am 36 yrs old today and having a little bit of a hard time about it...its like Im so close to 40 now!! I was ok at 35 but 36?? Im on a downward spiral now...Thanks for listening and hopefully that wont happen again!!


  1. Happy birthday! I got stuck on thanksgiving because I was eating while doing other stuff and it not fun. Have a great time tonight!

  2. Happy birthday. I can understand being a little upset about your birthday but don't be so sad. You're on a good path my dear. STUCK since I was just banded Monday I am a little scared of the first stuck episode.

  3. Happy Birthday to YOU!!!! Enjoy it!!! And don't worry about 36, it just keeps getting better, trust me!!

    Sorry about your stuck episode - must have been frightening!