Friday, July 1, 2011

Slight Unfill ...

Hey everyone! I went to the doctor yesterday morning and he took out a half of a cc from my band. He thinks I had some irritation from being too tight. The heartburn and bringing up my food at night are signs of irritation. Ya think?..:) He told me only mushies and liquids for a week. I have to admit that I didnt follow that order yesterday and I know I should have but it was my husband and I's anniversary and we already had plans for dinner and a full day out to the the Baltimore Harbor so I did eat a couple wings but for the rest of the day and today of pretty much stuck to mushies. Im going to try and stick to that all week. I leave for vacation next week so Im glad it doesnt impact that. I dont really feel a difference yet but I didnt bring up anyfood while laying down in bed last night like I have been so thats a good sign. I loaded up on buying some soup today and plan on following the doctor's orders. I weighed in at 230.5 so I ended up losing a couple pounds over the past week and half. I am hoping being on mushies and liquids that I will lose another pound or so this week. Im glad I went yesterday and didnt wait until my appt in august. I dont want to cause any issue with my band! I wasnt expecting to be put on mushies all week so that took me by surprise but what he said does make sense. He said that its not unusual to hit a plateau like I did for a couple months. he said to get my band back to working condition and keep the exercise up and it will start to come off agains so I am hoping that is the case! I was down another 16lbs from my March 1st visit, so that averaged out about 4 lbs a month..which isnt as much as Id like but they said Im still losing it the way it should be at almost a year out. they ordered me to get some blood work done to check my vitamin levels so I will be doing that next week! So I will keep you all posted on how things are going!!


  1. Happy Anniversary! So glad you had a little un-fill, I think you'll find a world of difference. Be careful on exercise days, I know for me at least I'm super tight on days that I work out hard.

  2. Happy, Happy Anniversary to YOU!!! And I'm glad you had all that checked out before you went on vacation!