Friday, June 17, 2011

Weight at a STAND STILL!!

Iv been in the 230's since the first of March, that is over 3 months! Im almost out of them but I have been titter tottering from 233 to 231 and back and forth for over a month now! Im very frustrated why the weight loss is soooo slow and why Iv hit a plateau! I thought sure I would be in the 220's by now. I tried the low carb deal but only last a couple days. its so hard to just eat meat and veggies. Some things Iv tried to do to start losing again is cutting our my morning mocha latte that I got in the habit of drinking. I cant eat in the mornings, im very tight so I got in the habit of drinking protein drinks but than moved to latte to give me some energy. I cut them out and havnt had them for almost 3 weeks. I went back to my normal protein drinks. I picked up activity at the gym since I went from 4x to 2-3 times a week. I picked it back up to 4. Iv been pushing my water intake too BUT STILL NO MORE WEIGHT LOSS! now dont get me wrong, Iv had some ice cream here and there and a candy bar but not alot and Im still eating pretty small portions. I dont think I need a fill because I was having that bad heartburn and getting a few stuck episodes and I dont feel like I need a fill but I really dont understand why the weight loss has just stopped! I mean being banded and losing not even 10lbs in 3 months is not good progress. I know Iv lost 70lbs since in 11 months and I am proud of that but still want to keep seeing the scale moving down not staying steady for that long. 3 months is a long plateau! Since I did reach my 70lb Weight loss goal I went and got a new tattoo on my left shoulder...its a crucifix and its really cool. I got it last night and its a sign of who has given me the strength to do so many things and be successful in doing so. I truly believe he has blessed me. Now if he would just bless me with a 20 more lb weight loss I would really be happy:)


  1. I am right there with you honey! I'm 10 months out and haven't lost anything in the last month. I'm down 52 pounds and holding steady. I guess we should be happy we're not gaining, but it is so disappointing!
    Hang in there, you're doing all the right things!

  2. Well, I wish I had y'all results!!! I was banded April 2011 and I have lost a total of 30lbs!!!! I was 260 going into surgery and I am holding steady at 224 - 227 but Jesus I wanted more weight loss than 33lbs!! it's been almost 18moths since my surgery!! What am I to do????