Tuesday, June 7, 2011

70lbs Gone---but boy I got some heartburn!!

Sorry I havn't posted in a while! things have been pretty crazy for me,I am in the process of building a new home and been focused on that. Well from the subject line you can see I hit the 70lb marker!! Its been really hard to lose this past 10lbs!! It feels likes its taken me forever, I keep hitting platueus where i stay the same for weeks and sometimes months than I might drop a couple pounds..its very frustrating. I started low carbing this week and completly staying away from anything but protein and veggies thinking that may help me. I had a fill appointment scheduled last week but I cancelled it. I didnt go because I feel like most days I am at my sweet spot or very close to it, I also had a pretty bad stuck episode last week, completely my fault, I was eating chicken wings like I never knew what band was..lol...AND since my last fill in March I have been getting alot of heartburn. At first it was just occasionlly when I eat something too quick or eat too much or something spicy but now Im getting it alot more. Mostly when I eat really dense foods like meat (which Im eating alot of lately) or when I eat too much or too fast. Its really uncomfortable. I have to take zantac 1-2x per day and tums have become my best friend. I know they say that if you get heartburn that you may be too tight..I really dont feel TOO tight..so Im not sure...I posted on lapband talk today to see if anyone had any suggestions..most people said I should get an unfill but I really dont want to. If I wasnt able to eat that is one thing but I dont want to get any out!! Im self pay that is 300bucks gone, once for the fill before and than another 300 to take it out! I think Im gonna just try to focus on what I eat, eat slow and not to much for a while and see if that helps. I have an appointment aug. 2nd which is right around my 1 year band anniversary so I want to just wait until than. Now if things get crazy and i cant take the heartburn anymore I will call. Iv had no issues before so I cant really believe Im slipping..like one poster told me. that freaked me out! My close friend and band buddy just had her band slip and was in the hospital so sick last weekend. They had to operate on her and fix it immediatly. She has had alot of problems though since getting the band 2.5 yrs ago. she was over filled 2x to the point that she couldnt even drink, she would spit up food like a week or more after eating it..I mean crazy stuff that I never had to deal with. her food just sits on her band forever. She had all of her fluid taken out and now she can't even get a fill for 6 months. She was self pay too. She is still feeling pretty sick. Its scary to hear the horror stories and thats why i try to be careful and not get greedy with the band, which is why I cancelled my appointment last week. All and All I am happy with my progress. 70lbs in 10 months. My doctor's goal was to be at 215-220 by my one year anniversary. I am at 232lbs now. Not sure with the slow rate Im going now will I get there its only 12lbs but it takes me a couple months to lose that now..my personal goal was 100lbs in a year but Im not too upset about that considering I am already worried about how my skin and body is handling the quick weight loss so don't want to rush it. Im still tackling the gym, Iv cut back some which is another reason i think Im not losing as fast...I was going 4-5x a week, now I am going about 3x a week. For me, working out made the difference in my weight loss but its so hard to stick with 5x a week. I get burned out quick but I wont let myself stop it! I really can see the definition in my legs and arms and I feel so much stronger now. For example, I have a pretty big truck, its a Toyota Sequoia...I can actually have both hands full with bags, toys, whatever, step up on one foot to the truck runner and get in the truck using NO HANDS AND ONE LEG...lol...It might be hard to picture but when I did that the other day, I was like there is NO WAY in hell I could of done that last year at this time!! my legs felt so strong and I didnt even have to balance myself! ..lol...anyway, things are going good and I will try to update you again soon, especially on my heartburn and low carb I just started. Thanks for reading!!!

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  1. Hey there, glad to see you back around. Congrats on the new house, that's exciting!
    I too am feeling a bit of heartburn here and there but to be honest, I've been too tight for a long time. I've been waiting for some of the restriction to loosen up as it usually does for most people. I don't know why that's not happening for me!
    Good luck. Keep us posted.