Thursday, March 31, 2011

HELLO 230'S!!!

Oh how I missed you...its been forever since Iv seen you:) Well I hit the 230's:) Happy April to me! 238.5 to be exact. Since my fill on March 1st, Iv lost 7.5 lbs. Thats almost 8 pounds in a month which is more than where I wanted to be, thats the most Iv lost in a month since the first couple of months after surgery. I had my most recent goal of 235 set for Memorial weekend so I may have to change that up a little:) Things have been going pretty well since I last wrote. obviously the weight is coming off a little quicker this month, I credit that to my continuing to work out, picking up the new RPM class and the fact that my fill has me pretty much at my sweet spot. I cannot eat much at all at a more than about a cup of food. sometimes a little more depending on what it is. Meat is definitly harder for me, pills are hard for me too now as you all know from my last post. breads still are very tough and I usually just stay away from them, but I did have a couple cupcakes last week that I had leftover from my sister's baby shower. they actually didn't go down too bad but I took it very slow, they were so damn good!!! but I had some carrots I feel like I can finally visualize being at a low number on the scale least to if I get lower than that I will be SUPER EXCITED because like Iv told you all a hundred times I have not seen below that in at least 10 years, maybe more. I have lost a total of 64.5 lbs since surgery on July 30th. that is such a big number when i stop and think about it but 70 sounds so much better:) the weird thing is, I see people on shows or online who have lost 60lbs and they look soooo much smaller than they did before I mean more than i do, i know there is a big difference in me but you would think after losing so much weight I would look so much more thin...I havnt measured myself this month yet so I will do that this weekend I just wonder if when I was 240 years ago if I look smaller now since iv been working out and doing weights..I wasnt doing that when I weighed 240 before. I wish I had old measurments to compare to. I wanted to let you all know that I hit the next decade...Iv been through 6 decades in 8 months..woot woot!!