Tuesday, January 11, 2011

4th fill today!

Hello out there!! Today was a good day..had my doctor's appointment for my 4th fill! I weighed in at 251lbs with my 1.5lb of clothes (yes I weighed them before I put them on..lol) I took off my shoes & all my Jewlery as well...I learned that from my weight watcher days:). Since my last appointment and fill 6 weeks ago, I lost 8.5lbs for a total loss of 51lbs. The doctor said I was doing great and right on track. We talked about my stuck episodes in the past 6 weeks and how much Im still able to eat. I didnt mention the stuck episode I had an hour before my appointment where I decided to woof down a piece of turkey sausage and was in pain for 15 minutes...I am sill learninng this eat slow, small bite thing...not sure if I will ever get it! fortunatly, I didnt have to bring it back up and it made its way down..I actually felt it drop down through the band..very weird!! We decided to put in 1 more cc to put me at a total of 8 in my 11cc band. the fill was uneventful but he take longer than usual to find the center in order to add the liquid. My doctor said he wanted to see me at 210 by my 1 yr anniversary which is by Aug. 1st. I think I can do that..Id love to beat that but we will see. He also said I wouldnt have to come back for at least 3 months. Good for my bank account cause these visits cost me $250 plus the $50 I spent on protein drinks! He has me on liquids today and mushies tomorrow. I cant believe I did that for 2 weeks after I got surgery..I am so damn hungry right now...Iv eat soup, 2 protein shakes and 2 cups of mashed potatoes today and Im still starving! I cant wait to see what this fill will do ..I dont feel anything different as of right now but I guess I wont if Im just drinking and eating sliding mushies. I sure hope I have great resstriction and it lasts longer this time! I went to the gym tonight so still taking my classes...I even tackled the 3 inches of snow and slippery roads...in order to get there...was very proud of myself...even though there was only about 5 people in my class ...lol....I will keep you all posted on how this fill goes!


  1. Good luck on your fill! Yes, please keep us posted!!

    Your weight loss so far has been terrific!! I am so thrilled for YOU!

  2. I know what you mean about the liquids and mushies! I look back and I don't know how I stayed sane! You have done such a great job and I hope the new fill helps on the august goal.

  3. Way to go! You will definitely meet your 210 goal by August! I am on my last week of mushies (and the angels cried, "hallelujah!") and start solid foods Monday! I get my first fill on the 31st and I'm SO nervous. I'm ready to be able to eat though and feel restriction and work out and start losing weight. Keep up the good work!

  4. I'm always amazed at how different everyone is...I have 4 1/2 CC in my band and am full and if I'm not careful, I get stuck really bed. I can't even imagine getting more in there!
    Good luck with it, and congrats on the great loss!